Monthly Recap – February!

M / L

Love is in the Air!! Laner love that is! It was a busy month for us here on the Lane and we LOVED working with our team of all-star Laners and clients. With 317 shifts worked, 20 happy client partnerships, and 32 activations...the season of love flew by! We thought we'd take a moment to reflect on just how much we love the Lane and what truly makes it such a special community to be a part of!

"I truly LOVE the work we do here at Mustard Lane and I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing, creative, real, passionate and talented group of humans. I couldn't be more proud of the internal team for the way they approach each and every event with such detail making sure our Laners are set up for success.

I have so much LOVE for all the Laners out there reppin' brands and events all over the country with their Mustard Hearts. I am just so grateful!  Side note... I also met my husband while working a Mustard Lane gig! The Lane helped me find Love." - Kristal Mallookis

"Everyday at the ML office is the best! Our internal team is exactly that...A TEAM. We all work together to make every event happen on the Lane. We have family lunch everyday and Meaux drinks on Thursdays. I can honestly say that the vibe is so enjoyable and we have a great time at work. What could be better than that!?" - Jillian Schiralli

"It's been a minute since being on the field for me, but I managed to squeeze onto the Nutcracker team in December. The free performances of the Nutcracker  is an annual thing and after having a year off thanks to Covid - it was very exciting to be a part of again!

I loved working onsite with Jason Michael Miller. We always managed to have fun even if we were outside handing out postcards to New Yorkers who only want to roll their eyes. Speaking of working with JMM - we were once tasked with setting up an interactive running video game experience on Randalls Island at a Track Meet/Race Day. The whole experience could be a bit daunting to look at on paper (getting tech pieces set up at a Track & Field Facility and troubleshooting all the tech issues) but we had so much fun doing it, that by the end of the long day we were dancing to the joyous music being blasted by a neighboring Zumba pop up activation!"  - Deven Anderson

"NRF was SUCH a blast! Great core crew of people! I love working with Kirsten and Skye - always know we'll have a great time seeing their names on my emails. Truly, though, there are no duds - I like everybody! 

The LA Board of Tourism gig back in Sept was so much fun - I felt like I really got my sea legs there managing a big team with lots of activities and needs in each position. It was a lot of fun and also felt like a satisfying day of work at the end of each day." - Brett Radek

"I work behind the scenes so I miss out on seeing all the fun events in person! But I LOVE looking through the photos from the events and living them through the eyes and stories of our Laners!

When I'm reviewing the photos from events, it's so fun when Laners get creative with what they send us. Onsite photos or videos are so fun for us to watch and share on social media! We have such a great team of creative minds!" - Tara Layne Goebel

"I really enjoyed working the plant based expo with planet oat in the javits recently. It was the type of event in which I knew little about the culture present other than my individual assigned role. I could the feel pride and expertise of the vendors present and it showed in conversation. 

At the beginning of my time with mustard, the idea of working for a new client or field every time was slightly daunting. Shortly after, I started framing every gig as if I’m a new apprentice to the field, and that everyone had something I could learn from for the day. After that, each job felt new and like I was gaining experience no matter what the area I was in. 
Anime con was probably the most memorable experience recently!" - Jordan Dallam

"The fancy food show was such a fun event. On every break I would walk around picking from hundreds of booths what interesting foods I wanted to try. At the end vendors were giving away items. I left with bags and bags of groceries. Epic!

Mustard Lane is my favorite company to work with. The people that work there are reliable and endearing. The entire team of LA Laners are incredible. I've worked with the for over 7 years and enjoyed every event I've been a part of!" - Michael Rivera

"What recent event did you LOVE working? Manhattan West's Theatre for One series was so much fun, and so cool! As a performer, it was such a joy to help facilitate the arts returning to NYC!

Who do you LOVE working with? Who DON'T I love working with?! The NYC Mustard Laners are a special breed. But I am lucky to spend so much time with our superstar internal team!

Any fun facts you LOVE about working on the Lane?  I just love what a special community Mustard Lane is! I can honestly say that I've met some of my closest friends thanks to ML. And getting paid to see Lily Allen in concert at GovBall was pretty incredible!" - Nichole Naccash

"I LOVED working this year's NRF Big Show. The 2020 Big Show was one of the last major events I worked with ML before the pandemic hit, so it was really special to be back at the Javits Center live and in person this year with an absolutely stellar team of Laners. 

Co-managing the NRF Big Show with Karen Webb was such a treat. She is always the absolute best, sweetest, and so easy to collaborate with! It goes without saying that my fellow internal team members make every day better. The ML office is so full of laughter, unity, and supportiveness that it makes my heart burst. I LOVE these people!

It's always particularly exciting to get to meet NYC Laners in real life that I've staffed on events but have never met in person before. It's also the best when I get to see Laners I've worked with over the last several years but haven't seen in a long time." - Susie Gannon

"What is so special about working on the Lane is that I have truly enjoyed every person I have worked with. Mustard Lane finds the most fun, bright, and entertaining people out there! Whenever I have worked events in the field, it has always been such a pleasure to see people that I see both regularly, and those that you only run into every once in a while. Even meeting new Laners is just making new friends!" - Danielle Cortier