Monthly Recap – August

M / L

Goodbye to August!! Summer has been a blast of happy clients and hard working Laners! We were happy to close out the summer with a full month of events and a little time to prepare for the busy fall and holiday season to come! With 279 shifts worked, 37 events staffed, and 20 happy clients, August was a success! Our internal team focused on staffing their events and closing out summer in style! Let's hear a little about what they were working on in August!

"This month we have all had a short moment to catch our breath after the 2 banner summer months. In the meantime, we've been doing some business development as well as planning for future upcoming activations and projects. We are gearing up for what is looking like an extremely busy fall and holiday season....but let's just enjoy and soak up the last few weeks of summer and sunshine." - Kristal Mallookis

"Summer events are the best! Laners get to enjoy the great outdoors, the sun is shining and guests are ready to have a great time. Our Chicago team had a blast at Lollapalooza repping Bud Light Seltzer! They handed out seltzers near one of the main stages and enjoyed the live music."

"It's been an amazing year filled with some of the biggest music festivals all over the country and Laners were there every step of the way. Musical festivals can be challenging but also so rewarding and fun with lots of extra perks, like free music from your fave bands!" - Jillian Schiralli

"For the months of August and July, Mustard Lane has been working with Showtime for a fun outdoor Movie Screening series! For those lucky people who make it out to the Movie Screenings at Prospect Park and Fort Greene Park and stop by the Showtime booth, they are passing out free chairs that can be kept for future outdoor screenings! Free chair? Are you kidding me? Usually free chairs in NYC are a harsh gamble having been procured from the streets or by a shady online deal."

"With Movie showings of classics like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Encanto, Clue and many others, our Laners were present and accounted for - providing guests with smiles and all the information on upcoming Showtime programs. Still a couple more weeks of summer left, stop by Prospect Park on Wednesdays just before the sun goes down and say hi!" - Deven Anderson

"This month, we had an awesome NYC laner, Jordan Dallam aboard the S.S. Guppy with Cap'n Crunch, emceeing and bringing joy to NYC morning commuters on "Cap'n's Commute"! This 3 day Cap'n Crunch themed ferry had all sorts of fun giveaways and activities and stopped at several East River Ferry ports."

"Needless to say, Jordan brought the Capn's Crunchatizing vibes to NYC morning commuters. This month, we also had staff working check-in for a few New York Film Festival screenings in Central Park with National Geographic. Our Laners checked attendees in and guided them to their seats." - Susie Gannon