Virtual Telegram To Our Laners & Clients!

M / L

Happy Holidays!! This has been a crazy year but we're so beyond thankful to our Laners and all the hard work you guys have put in this year. We know it hasn't been the easiest year but seeing your smiles each day makes it all better.

The Internal office wanted to do something special to say THANK YOU! We're looking forward to a great 2021 with you!

A big thank you to Deven Anderson for coming up with this VT idea then ran the casting, editing, set dressing, directing, storyboarding and sound design for this incredible Virtual Telegram! Also a big shout out to the Laners that participated and as always, thank you to David Rey for helping with film and editing!

If you want to continue smiling check out the bloopers!

If you want to order a Virtual Telegram check us out at!