ML Internal: Here Comes 2024!

Matthew Borchers
Team End of Year Dinner before 2024

As December comes to a close and the holiday season is well under way, it's time to wrap up another year! With over 600 events across the US and Canada, 2023 made way for so many new memories on the Lane. As we get ready to kickstart 2024, it seemed fitting to share some reflections from our Internal Team!

Each person gave one word for their 2023 experience. No explanation! Just one word. Maybe something they learned or want to leave behind, maybe a memory... Then, we get to learn what they're looking forward to in 2024! ..a trip? New hobby? A fresh perspective? Or maybe the consistency of what's already going well!

------ SUSIE ------

2023: LOVE.


"I'm excited for my wedding this coming January in Brooklyn, and our honeymoon/wedding celebration in Australia. We're planning to head to Hawaii before going to my fiancé's home country of Australia, followed by some travels in Southeast Asia, Egypt, and a few European countries. Of course I'm also so excited to continue my journey with my Mustard Lane family. Lots to look forward to in the new year!"

------ JILLIAN ------

2023: Boundaries.


"I'm looking forward to a new apartment, new energy, growth and keeping my heart and mind open for all opportunities that come my way!"

------ MATTY ------

2023: Pride.


"As someone born on the 24th...2024 HAS to mean good things for me, riiight? I really like a lot of what I've incorporated into my life over the last year.. professionally, personally and creatively. Definitely looking for more of that, but also.. some more travels, perhaps? I'm excited for more deliberate time with loved ones - family, friends.. and I'm ready to follow through for myself, on creative endeavors and other goals/projects. :)"

------ KRISTAL ------

2023: Thrive


"I’m looking forward to taking advantage of being in NYC! These past few years I feel like I’ve been slacking on seeing and doing all of the incredible things the city has to offer."

------ COURTNEY ------

2023: BOLD


" I am looking forward to 2024 and setting some new habits for myself. This year, I've decided I want to commit to a new weekly activity (an intramural sport, a crafty experience, etc) that will expand my community. The goal is to live with my heart more wide open and allow room for the unexpected! ."

------ DEVEN ------

The Team supports Deven at his show before 2024 starts up.

2023: Punctiliousness

(we'll save you a trip to the dictionary.. The act or fact of being meticulous or doing something with care or precision )


"Using positivity and a penitent work ethic to open new doors and forge new ventures!"

------ KELLY ------

2023: Solidarity.


"For 2024 I’m looking forward to a dear friend’s wedding, artistic development with my theatre company/arts collective, upcoming travel, and a post-strike resurgence in episodic and film production. 2024 is going to be busy!!"

And there ya have it! What's your word for 2023? And what's on the horizon for your 2024? Happiest of Holidays and New Year from Mustard Lane! See you next year..!

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