Laner Community Joining Together

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To Our Laner Community - These are certainly difficult times and we're all feeling the impact of our current climate. The one thing that makes Mustard Lane such a special agency is the amazing community that we've built. The most common remark we get from our Laners is that Mustard Lane is one of their favorite companies to work for because they enjoy spending time with the other Laners. We love our communities across the nation from NYC to LA, DC, Miami, Austin and beyond. During this strange time of social distancing, the ML community is coming together to stay positive. The Internal office has compiled a lovely list of tips and tricks, now that we all have a little bit a free time on our hands. We're sharing these with you today and encourage you to share your positive thoughts, tips and day to day on social media. Make sure to tag @mustardlane and #Lanercommunity so we can repost it and share with the rest of the Laners! Each of us have different ways of dealing with this social isolation, here's a list of our combined suggestions!
  • Buy some flowers from your local bodega and bring the nature inside
  • Listen to Podcasts that make you laugh like the Usual Rejects Podcast
  • Before bed each night, set a plan of what you'll do the next day
  • Stick to a routine of waking up around the same time
  • Start a new hobby, now is the perfect time to learn something new
  • Make time to schedule Calls/FaceTime dates with your friends and family
  • If you're into video games, join a party with your friends and use the time to catch up
  • Read those books you always said you would read "if you had more time"
  • Get your exercise each day, you can take nice long walks or access some at home workouts to stream
  • If the news or social media is stressing you out, limit it or ask your roomie to only tell you the important info
  • If you've tried to Journal and been unsuccessful in the past, here's a great time to put pen to paper, this also applies for those of you who are writers - write that script, book, poem etc.
  • Do the apt/house projects you've been wanting to get to
  • Get creative with your cooking/baking
  • Do a puzzle
  • Make a virtual club with your friends, could be a cooking club where you all FaceTime while making the same meal or a book club, knitting club, wine club. It call all be done via FaceTime!
New Hobby Ideas -
  • Learn a new language
  • Pick up some crafts
  • Learn to knit
  • Get a book on wine or other booze and learn all about it
  • Become a movie buff
  • Finally learn how to do your own nails
  • Dive into learning yoga
At Home Workout Suggestions - Meditation Suggestions - If you follow our @meauxspace Instagram, you know that we feature a new cocktail every Friday, we'll continue to do this from our homes so join us Fridays for drinks! We've also moved our Off The Lane Speaker Series digital! March 25th, Matt Zur will answer all questions on the OTL Instagram. Matt is the mastermind behind our custom database you all know and love, Dijon Express. He's a tech extraordinaire and he's excited to answer your questions! We'll post the "Ask Me Anything" box next week and you can submit your questions to him or you can comment on our last instagram post and ask there! A former Laner, Tanya Perez created this Doc for Freelancers with resources, classes and financial tips. You can check it out here! Remember, we're all in this together so please share your tips/tricks for the Laner Community! We can't wait to hear from you! Love, The ML Office