Michelle Silvani is our Laner of the Week!

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Michelle is a native New Yorker and has always lived here, although she does have an affinity for nature. She finds the experience of rural and natural areas endlessly fascinating. If you ever go on an adventure outside the city with Michelle be fully prepared for her to point and geek out about every aquatic bird, farm animal, and otherwise unfamiliar critter she sees!

Outside the Lane Michelle is an actor, a Jack (Jane) of All Trades, and a workaholic. Right now she’s looking into storytelling with music and song, and more voice overs. Michelle has also been called the Olivia Pope of Catering and she’s not mad about it.

Michelle has been with the team since late 2015. She has worked countless events but her favorite overall is working with Pernod Ricard for their happy hours!

What would the title of your autobiography be?

“Slow Down When You’re in a Hurry” or “It’s Fucking Fine.”

What is your go-to coffee order?

Small, black. Or with almond milk. I try to keep this habit in check.

What is the last book you read or movie your watched?

A Quiet Place

What’s the most useless talent you have?

In eighth grade, I figured out how to twirl a pen like a drummer does with a drumstick, and often still do it absentmindedly. Every once in a while, I’m caught, and I get asked to teach this. I’m embarrassed by its uselessness every. single. time.

Describe the best museum/gig/play/game you’ve ever been to.

The Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the MOMA last summer has been on my brain lately. I didn’t know much about him and learned a lot that day– I think his sketches are gorgeous and that it’s a shame so much of his work on city planning went unused. I don’t make it to museums as often as I would like, and I’m really glad I caught this before it closed.

What’s your morning ritual like?

I am an oatmeal and caffeine enthusiast.

Chocolate or fruity candy?


Last great vacation you took?

I don’t know if I take vacations? That sounds so… restful. I went to London for the first time in November and explored the city sun up to sun down, loving every second of it.

Favorite rainy day activity?

Cooking something a little ambitious or a movie/book marathon

If you could be an Olympic athlete, in what sport would you compete?

Oh. The Carry Many Beverages on a Serving Tray Through an Obstacle Course Event. I would definitely podium. But the swim events or volleyball would also be very cool.

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Working out + writing a plan out of said bad day + caffeine is ideal… but at the very least: caffeine

As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?

In no particular order: veterinarian, ballerina, rockstar, astronaut, president, animator… I’m sure there were more, and I was sure that I would at least settle on two and do them both. At the same time.