Mary Kate Eckmann is the #LOTW: Revisited!

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Mary Kate Eckmann is a Laner favorite!  She is a Boston girl, born and raised in Southie.   She came to us through fellow #Laner Kiirstin Marilyn.  After interviewing with CEO Kristal Mallookis, she knew she was in for something special.  "I've made so many lifelong friends through this company, it's astounding,"  Mary Kate tells us.  "People find it hard to believe that I love to go to work.  They've just never worked with their besties every week!" One of Mary Kate's favorite seasonal gigs has been the Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.  She first worked the Duane Reade pre-show, and then the next year she worked at the Chase Lounge.  From then on, she was called upon to work the Lounge for other concerts and sporting events.  "It's an amazing energy to be around, seeing fans so excited to see their favorite artists.  For a moment, I get to be a part of it, share in their joy, and hopefully make their experience even better," says Mary Kate.  She then adds, "From  my first coat check challenge, Mustard Lane has really helped me grow, learn and just have fun while working!" When she's not too busy working the VIP Lounge, Mary Kate Eckmann can be found singing, songwriting and working on her second EP, which hopefully will be released later this year or early 2017.  Stay tuned to Mustard Lane's social media for news on its debut, as well as opportunities to catch her performing throughout the City.  Her first EP, "True Colors" can be found on iTunes, Amazon music, Spotify, and anywhere music is sold. "What can I say, I like to keep busy!"  Mary Kate tells us. Mary KateWhile chasing her dreams, Mary Kate Eckmann met and married the love of her life, Josh, who is her biggest fan and supporter.  This adorable couple  are now expecting their first child!  (See photo.)  We're so excited for them.  You can learn more about her by checking out her website,  Her Twitter handle is @marykate_doremi and she's on Instagram as miss.marykate.