Manny McCord is our LOTW!!

M / L

Meet Manny! Our talented and passionate new LA Laner!! Manny grew up in a small town in South Carolina and now calls Los Angeles home. Like many, Covid-19 brought most of his work to a halt. However, he has felt blessed to stay around creative minds and focus on writing during this downtime. He is very excited about his recent project as he just finished filming a short film that he wrote. And is currently woking on pre-production of another project! Keeping busy and creative is KEY! Fun fact about Manny, he grew up on a farm with a lot of animals!! Talk about a life change! We love having this kind and creative Laner on our LA team!

If you were a pie...what kind would you be?

WOW. This is a tough question LOL. The first thing that comes to mind is PECAN PIE.

What’s your favorite 90’s jam?


What is your dream vacation?


How would your best friend describe you?

My best friend would describe me as ambitious.

What would we find in your fridge right now?

You may or may not find Chocolate chip cookies waiting to be baked.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Manny McCord ;)

What is your go to Karaoke song?

Free Falling.

Who was your childhood crush?


What would be your superpower and why?

To Fly!! I think it would be awesome to just fly around the city. And don't even get me started on the beautiful view you'd have.

What is your cheat day meal?

Pizza and Wings!!! YUM!

What is your greatest attribute as a BA?

I enjoy working together as a team.

To learn more about Manny feel free to check out his Instagram @MannyMcCord!