The Laner of the Week is… Jana Beeson!

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Jana BeesonThis week's outstanding Laner of the Week, Jana Beeson, hails from Baltimore, Maryland. With Mustard Lane bringing in more work across the U.S. of A., we are happy to have talented, reliable Laners like her.  Jana Beeson graduated from Southern Methodist University magna cum laude with a BFA in Theatre.  She originally met the Mustard Lane team from a posting on Actors Center.  "You all seemed like a great group,"she says, "So I decided to give it a shot."  (We're glad she did.)  "Mustard Lane has not only been helpful, but also extremely personable. It's easy to see how much they care about taking care of their "Laners" as well as their clients." Jana Beeson is interested in taking her acting career in the film/TV direction, so she is planning an imminent move to New York.  "'m also fortunate to have a solid network of classmates and friends already working in the city," she adds.  Find out more about Jana Beeson at  She can also be found on Twitter at @janabeeson.  Congrats, Jana!  We'll see you in the Big Apple!