Laner of the Week: Trinity Laurel!

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Trinity Laurel

Trinity Laurel, gorgeous blonde, is a Fit & Lifestyle Model here in NYC and is originally from Dublin, Ireland by way of southern California & central Florida. When in New York City Trinity loves to read books, hike, explore new coffee shops/cafes and volunteer with various charities like charity: water.  Her website,, delves deeper into her responsibilities as a brand ambassador and product specialist in the fashion, automotive and technology fields.  She is an account manager for Victory Models and a Commercial Print and Lifestyle Model as well.  She is represented by Funny Face Today Inc. and Model Service Agency LLC. Trinity Laurel is also a marketing professional proficient in consumer needs, relationship managing, networking, digital and social media managing. She has seen how social media and digital marketing has captivated the market and culture since the founding of Facebook her last year of college. She has also seen the impact of social media to give a voice to women and human rights causes around the world.