Laner of the Week… Caitlin Wyatt!

M / L

caitlin wyattCaitlin Wyatt graduated from Western Michigan University with dual-degrees in Marketing and Broadcast Journalism.  Caitlin Wyatt has worked for Mustard Lane for quite some time and is passionate about creating a “Los Angeles Lane”.  In addition to working for Mustard Lane, Caitlin Wyatt has clocked time as an auto-show product specialist, doula, personal assistant, bartender, nanny and more; she truly is a jack of all trades!  She is an actor and writer, originally from New York City, by way of Michigan, and a recent Los Angeles resident.  When time allows, Caitlin Wyatt is a marathon runner, avid reader and ambitious chef.  She lives with her husband, Jordan, and ninja-cat, Shinobi.