Laner of the Week… Bryce Curry!

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Laner of the WeekWe have to admit that this week's Laner of the Week is cooler than any of us.  Hailing from the great city of Chicago, Bryce Curry graduated from North Park University with a degree in Kinesiology.   This guy's got brains AND talent!  A gifted hip hop dancer, he currently works with the company Boom Crack! as a dancer/choreographer.  "My biggest aspiration would be to travel the world teaching, creating art, and inspiring those with the same passion for hip hop as me!" he says.  (Don't you love that?  We do.)  Of working with us, he says, "Mustard Lane has provided me with multiple opportunities to meet other great people in my area, and learn about multiple organizations and their missions within the city!"  We are happy to have this Laner of the Week representing us in the Windy City! (Why is Chicago called the Windy City? We have this Laner of the Week to thank for making us look it up!  Check out the outgoing link for more info.  We're so happy to be expanding our boundaries on Mustard Lane with this Laner of the Week!)