Laner Obsession: ChristinEats

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Laners With Candy

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Whether you love this holiday or hate it, all of us here on Mustard Lane can agree that having an excuse to eat chocolate and dessert in the middle of a cold, miserable month is a good thing.  And that’s where our newest obsession comes in:  ChristinEats.

It’s not quite appropriate to call this a new obsession.  We have been catering ChristinEats events for several years now.  CEO Christine Cole likes to hire our hunky male #Laners to pass out her signature truffles and caramels at swanky NYC events. (Gorgeous men proffering candy= genius marketing strategy.)  We love that, plus the fact that ChristinEats’  concoctions are well.. a little boozy.  And by “boozy,”we mean LOADED WITH BOURBON AND COMPLETELY IRRESISTIBLE!  AAAAAHHHH!!!!  

…sorry, we flew off the rails for a minute.  That happens all the time when we’re promoting this sexy, delicious confectionary company.  Dying to sample the goods?  Find a retailer near you by checking out HERE and keep an eye out around midtown over any holiday.  If you see a gorgeous man with a tray, particularly around Rockefeller Center, that’s us!  Just this once, go ahead and take candy from a stranger– you won’t regret it, we promise!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our Laners and clients, particularly the busy staff of ChristinEats!