Laner Feature : Raven Forrester

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We are spending Friday's exploring and featuring our Laners! This past year has been challenging for us all and yet, our Laners continue to pursue their passions, grow, and expand their skill sets to meet the new challenges life has thrown their way. We are incredibly proud of their hard work, adaptability, and artistry. It is our pleasure to feature some outstanding Laners over the next few months! And today's spotlight is on Raven Forrester!

Raven has worked as a Brand Ambassador since 2013 and as a Runway Model since 2011. When she's not working on the Lane, she enjoys traveling around the world (pre-pandemic!). Raven moved to the Virgin Islands in 2019 and started 2 businesses, and recently started a contract with the Small Business Development Center! She's killing it and we are so excited to share her new adventures!

What is the new job or project you've taken on?

I'm running 2 businesses in the US Virgin Islands and recently started working with the local university, helping small business owners learn how to utilize social media for their business. The businesses are a "Selfie Studio" called Studio STX and a purse boutique called Purse Chic!

What made you go in this direction?

My family moved to St Croix in 2019. So my plan was to get my businesses up & running and fly to Miami for events when needed... but then came Covid-19!

What has been the most exciting part of taking on this new adventure?

Learning new skills as I go. I didn't go to school for business or marketing but I'm doing pretty well with the help of the Small Business Development Center. And now I have to opportunity to teach other business owners.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned throughout this journey?

I've learned to adapt. I opened both businesses right before the 2020 quarentine so I had to convert one business to 100% online. It was still the perfect time for me to have my own business because I couldn't travel for events in 2020 (most were canceled anyway!)

What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to moving back to Houston later this year. I plan to sell one of my businesses and keep the online one. I'm ready for the health crisis to improve so we can all get back to working fun events. I miss SXSW and Superbowl!

Do you have any advice to those looking to follow in your footsteps?

Have an idea that you want to go for? Do it! There's so many free resources out there to guide you along the way.

To learn more or connect with Raven feel free to check out her Instagram @Raeeexoxo