Laner feature: New Internal Team Spotlight

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Our internal team here at Mustard Lane is VERY excited to be welcoming some new all stars!! As business amps back up we are preparing ourselves to handle all the fun ahead! We are thrilled to be adding a few familiar and fresh faces to tackle all that 2021 has in store!

Let's get to know them! Next up, Jason Michael Miller!

Tell us a little about yourself!

What brought you to NYC and working with ML?

I came to NYC for a boy & expansive opportunity. I joined Mustard Lane because an old friend (by the name of Deven Anderson) emailed me, asking if I was short enough to fit a Ninja Turtle outfit, with an offer I couldn’t refuse: Money. I fell in love with the company & all the Laners—and after a few years of working with ML, I’d uncovered that my friend Mateo Moreno had emailed me 7 years prior about working for the same company…however the message had been sitting there, unopened & unread. I’m confident to say that life has a funny way of working out, and no matter the timing, I was meant to be a Laner!

What has your journey been like with ML?

Rewarding (understatement). Because of the dynamics that make up the company—from CEO Kristal, to the internal team, to the Laners on the field—it was easy to feel right at home. I started as an on call Laner with a gig every quarter (sometimes once a month), and am currently serving as the first (of hopefully many) Brand Representative. The goal is to strengthen current client relationships, build new relationships, and assist in company growth.

What has been your fave gig on the field?

CBS Upfronts and most gigs with Arts Brookfield.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

GROWTH! Being able to bring more fun gigs to our Laners!

If you could live anywhere besides NYC, where would it be?

I would love to be bicoastal. My next move is setting up shop, and growing roots in familiar
soil…my home state: Ohio.

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


Describe your perfect NYC day from beginning to end.

I wake up. Waitress & Six are still on Broadway. I receive a text notification from Today Tix, congratulating me for winning a pair of ‘lottery tickets’! While taking the first hit of my iced latte, I receive an email from my agents with the subject line “booked! Hold the following dates”, A few friends and I hit up Brunch at Jacob’s Pickle, we mosey down to HK where a street fair is going on…and it’s the same day as the Broadway Flea Market. I pick up a few cute posters, and snap iconic selfie, sandwiched between Ramin Karimloo, Cheyenne Jackson, Norm Lewis, Shoshana
Bean, and Sara Bareiless.

I run into Bert V Royal & Joshua Harmon where both just announced they’re writing a pilot and a play and they’re considering me for one of the roles. They ask if I know of any other multi talented actors—I tell them to email

Somewhere in there, we all catch the most beautiful sunset (cliche because NYC only has the most gorgeous sunsets) —later I find myself at Marie’s Crisis, with a Lychee Mimosa in hand (in this perfect day, they carry Lychee). They’re taking all of our requests. After a few drinks, we decided it would be a great idea to go laser tagging at Chelsea Piers, and decided we’re too tired to go home, so we get a penthouse suite at the Beekman Hotel, and get up the next day and have a parting Brunch at Bubby’s.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Budget budget budget. Invest. Buy a luxury building in NYC & LA for friends & family, open a restaurant, open a back lot + film production studio (with classes) in my hometown Monroe, Ohio. Take some friends & fam on vacation. And…buy more Crystals.