Laner Feature: Bruno Vida

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Our incredible Laners have been keeping busy! We're back with another Laner Feature to highlight Bruno Vida and his new Real Estate business! Bruno is a Brazilian born and raised Musical Theatre Actor who now resides in NYC. Over his years in the city he's been successfully performing as well as working for Mustard Lane. He has now taken on a new venture with his Real Estate business and we're so excited to support him!! Read below to learn more about Bruno and be sure to check out his Instagram @bvidarealestate!

Where did your journey to real estate begin? 

I was sitting at home watching “million dollar listing” and thought hmmm I’d want this life! Haha they I did more research and found out what it’s ACTUALLY like... and I was still very enthralled and thought I’d be very passionate about it as a parallel career with theatre. 

What has been the most exciting part of this new experience? 

Getting to feel a sense of normalcy again. Meet new people (safely) and explore the city! 

What are your goals for this new venture? 

To keep learning and growing! There’s still A LOT to learn and accomplish.  Getting out there in the field is is just the first step. 

Can you share any tips and tricks to finding an apartment in NYC?

CONTACT ME! I’m calling it “Pandemic prices” because the market has been cheaper than its ever been! If you are able to move now, DO IT. You’ll find an amazing apartment that you’ll love and be proud of! I can assist in making that happen! 

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into the Real Estate business?

Research and see if you’d be good at it! It’s a hustle that requires mental agility and strength! But it’s fun! And you get to create your own hours and be your own boss! Just don’t do what I did and watch “Million dollar listing” first because that only gives you a glimpse of the .5% of those in the business and it’s completely fictionalized for entertainment purposes. Have no expectations and you might just be surprised!