Isabel Rivera is our LOTW!! – OG Edition!

M / L

Meet Isabel!! Now a resident of California, this OG Laner is not just an artist and BA but a Mommy as well!! 3 year old Lucas has been her full-time job since the quarantine began! When she is not busy on the Lane, she loves acting, interior decorating, and finding new and exciting projects to keep her toddler entertained. This Laner also loves to eat! Shake shack is one of her favorites and labels herself as an iced tea addict! Adjusting to the new normal has been challenging, but Isabel has found support in unexpected places and has been using this time to connect and grow. We can't wait to see what this Supermom Laner will do next!

Why do you LOVE working on the Lane?

I love working hard for someone who built something from nothing (Kristal). I admire her so much. I love the entire Laner community and have had the privilege of meeting some of my best friends while working on the Lane.

What is your best attribute as a BA?

I take my job very seriously..maybe a little too serious if you ask some. :)

Most memorable gig with ML?

Chase soundcheck...we got to hear some amazing artists thru that job and I still miss the chase van.

What did you learn from your quarantine experience?

That little things seem to trivial. When people were suffering both financial and with their health. Our family is and was safe and I am so thankful for that. Also that humans are resilient creatures we can adapt and take on pretty much anything thrown at us.

Are you back to work or gigs?

No not yet. Every thing has been hit pretty hard especially in the events and entertainment world. My job is to be mommy right now and hopefully things will start picking up.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Closing the Tribeca film festival with a film I was in and having my mom walk the red carpet at that event with me. Its something I will never forget

What are you looking to achieve in your career this year?

So many things...but mostly to accept acting jobs that lend voices to those who are often unheard. Acting roles that portray people who make a difference in society but are never main characters or stereotyped. I want to bring these characters to light and tell their story.

Are you typically a homebody or a social butterfly?

Homebody...but if food is involved then a social butterfly. Did I mention I like food? :)

How would your best friend describe you?

Brutally honest and I will go anywhere where their is free food!

To learn more about Isabel feel free to check out her Instagram @isabelandlucas!