Is Summer 2013 Really Over?

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Does it ever seem to you like you go to bed in May and wake up in September?  That's definitely how it seemed in summer 2013  Granted, we were really busy on the Lane, working some fabulous events with some fabulous people.  It's hard to choose, but after an (extremely) unofficial poll, here are our top five Mustard Lane memories.... in no particular order!  Here's to summer 2013! 1.  Juicy, Juicy, Juicy! Summer 2013We were thrilled-- and we mean, THRILLED-- to add Juicy Couture to our list of esteemed clients.  We were even happier to hand out in-store DISCOUNTS to one of our favorite brands in America's top cities!  Laners hit the streets of NY, LA, DC, Miami, and Vegas, to name a few, to promote this smokin' hot brand.  And they looked damn cute doing it! 2.  Joe Fresh/JCP When hip Canadian superstore Joe Fresh teamed up with increasingly-hip JCP (formerly known as JC Penney), we called it a match made in heaven.  Only at JCP can you find Joe Fresh's new kid's line, a stylish, affordable alternative to, say, Baby Gap or Children's Place.  We are thrilled to play our part with this amazing team-- and spending our summer days outdoors didn't hurt, either!Summer 2013   3.  NYC Summer Restaurant Week Okay, we love this event in part because we are New Yorkers, and we challenge you to find a New Yorker who isn't completely obsessed with Restaurant Week.  Twice a year, New Yorkers dine at some of the City's most critically-acclaimed restaurants for one low fixed price.  It's literally a smorgasbord of amazingness.   Promoting this event is the equivalent of giving away candy to children.   Everyone wins!Summer 2013 4.  Saveur Mag Summer BBQ at the Boat Basin Despite the long hours, Laners love the Summer BBQ hosted by Saveur Magazine, mostly because it's really, really, really, really, really cool.  We get to work one-one-one with some of New York City's hottest chefs at one of New York City's most amazing venues.  It's a long day of tasting, smiling, mugging, and refilling, and though we leave tired, we leave happy! 5.  The JWT/Miami Vice Party 'Nuff said.  Summer 2013!