How The Lane is Staying Covid Compliant

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A few examples of 2020 ML events and the Covid Compliance measures taken:

1. ML worked with Heineken and Amplified this past year in bringing Heineken 0.0 to live, socially distanced movie screenings. This outdoor activation provided compensation to Brand Ambassadors for Travel when coming from remote areas and provided an endless supply of masks and nitrile gloves. The Brand Ambassadors were also given access to cleaning supplies to disinfect high touch surfaces. 

2. SEG Services and Under Armour brought pop ups to several different markets that incorporated stanchions to manage socially distant lines and equipped the Brand Ambassadors with their own Under Armour outfit! (Head to toe!) 

3. Brookfield Place once again brought the Luminaries back to the Winter Garden but this time with a socially distant 'touchless' wishing station that allowed patrons to make wishes at a distance and also support out of work restaurant workers. Not only did the Brand Ambassasdors have all the gloves and masks they could ask for, but they had access to a temperature check station and had a staggered employee schedule meant to keep morale high as well as limit exposure.

4. Ritual coordinated with our Brand Ambassadors on dropping off posters at local spots each day. The BA's worked solo, drove their own car and spent minimal time at each drop off to minimize exposure but still promote the brand!

Should you wish to know more about Covid Compliance and working onsite these days, the following websites offer a plethora of informative classes and links:

Sentrient Online Courses

World Health Organization Open Courses


Health Education Services ($50 Class that you register for - 2hrs long - to be certified C19C0

Should you be working onsite anytime soon, here are a few basic tips for staying safe and healthy:

1. Quarantine or isolate in the days prior to your shift. If you are experiencing no symptoms, and have easy access getting a Covid Rapid Results test handy will put all parties at ease. Keep in mind that if you do decide to break isolation to get a test to take extra precautions from nosocomial transmission. (Always wear a mask, try wearing nitrile gloves, extra distancing, monitor surfaces touched and any prolonged exposure to medical personnel)

2. Spacial awareness. Arrive early to familiar yourself with your surroundings. Know where the nearest public restroom is, and where you can sanitize. Get a feel for the air flow and general foot traffic so you can better place yourself that is socially distant but effective to your job. 

3. Wear a fresh mask/new gloves and start your shift having washed your hands. A fresh face mask (KN 95 or not) will typically be effective up to 8hrs)

4. Keep all interactions to 6ft, this may mean you will have to project with your mask on...and some masks hinder your voice more than others. Heavy duty cloth masks, while appeasing to look at, aren't the most functional when trying to effectively communicate. 

5. Contact Tracing. For the most part all your interactions should be brief, and distanced. With promotions, it would be difficult to collect names and contact info of everyone you come into contact with, including longer interactions... rather just keep a general tally in your head. Should you engage with fellow BA's or customers within 6ft. In a worst case scenario where you contract Covid, you may be assigned a Contact Tracer who will inquire who you have been in contact with. 

6.  High Touch surfaces. If your activation has access to good cleaning supplies, keep an eye on high touch surfaces and keep them constantly clean. 

7. Swallow your pride and if you are feeling symptomatic or have come into contact with anyone who tested positive  to contact your Manager as soon as possible. Better to play it safe and get tested and isolate rather than gamble and possibly get people sick. 

8. Be prepared to take Covid Tests should you come into contact with anyone who has tested positive. Most accurate way to gage the outcome is to wait 2-10 days after contact and take a Rapid Results test (Or when displaying symptoms) or to wait and take a PCR test. Rapid Results tests yield less reliable results and have been known to produce 'False Negatives.' 

9. Contact your local Urgent Care Center or Covid test site to speak with someone in terms of cost, it will vary from state to state. For most, it will be free, but there are some sites out there that still charge a pretty penny.