How ‘Bout a lil’ MEAUX?

Matthew Borchers

Everyone could use a lil' MEAUX...Space! More of what, you ask? More intimate gatherings, more florals, more drinks, more community. And our event space, MeauxSpace can provide just that!

Located in the heart of Chelsea, Meaux Space is the perfect venue for your next intimate gathering. Whether it be a dinner party, bridal shower, private wine tasting or photoshoot, our 1,800 square foot space (+ terrace!) is just what you’ve been looking for.

What you may not realize is that Meaux Space is also the Mustard Lane office! Yep, within the space is our own little sanctioned office where all the Mustard Magic happens. How lucky are we to get up from our desks and step into a beautiful, bright event space?! As an event staffing agency, with our own non-profit as well, Meaux Space has proven to be an amazing asset for all facets of what we've got going on. This also means that we've got our go-to staff from the Mustard Lane roster for all Meaux events.

But what all has Meaux Space done? What kind of events are best for the space? Well...let's look at a few examples of the many events we've hosted over the years...

Meaux Off-Sites

Meaux Space Catered Set-Up

With the shift to remote work post-pandemic, many companies have begun organizing quarterly, monthly or even weekly gatherings for their teams to work, collaborate and socialize. This has been a bit of a newer venture for us as well, but it's a perfect fit! Our kitchen allows these colleagues an easy set-up for a catered breakfast/lunch and coffee service throughout the day. Meanwhile, we've got a great table configuration for work, collaboration or socialization, as well as our other comfy furniture for breakout calls and conversations. And of course with our wifi and wheel-able TV, you can do all kinds of presentations! (All of this under the gorgeous natural light that floods Meaux Space!)

Meaux Bridal/Baby Showers

Perhaps the most popular kind of booking for Meaux Space: Bridal and Baby showers! And it makes total sense! The space is perfect for those intimate gatherings, where you and your friends/family will have plenty of room for everything you need, while also actually filling up the space. One of Meaux Space's coolest attributes is that it's a very moldable, almost-blank canvas! As is, it's a clean, modern aesthetic; but beyond that foundation, there's plenty of room for you to get creative and personalize/style the space however you want for your event!

Meaux Space Baby Shower

Meaux Photo/Video Shoots!

This might be a less obvious use of the space, we've mentioned...that natural lighting is impeccable. And again, the versatility of the space allows for just about anything! We've had our internal team headshots taken at Meaux Space as well as other headshot sessions. The space has even been booked for a Katie Couric interview - check out this clip of it!

Here at Mustard Lane, we love our MEAUX SPACE, and we hope you've enjoyed catching a glimpse of what goes on in this adorable space. Catch a full video tour of the space HERE!

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