Highs and Lows of 2020

M / L

2020 has been filled with a roller coaster of emotions! We're checking in with our internal team at Mustard Lane to hear highs and lows of the year and what we are all looking forward to most in 2021!


Ok, obviously I have mixed feelings for this year, we all do. I'll start with my low so just like Mary Poppins hitching a ride on a cloud whilst giving this year the finger, there's nowhere to go but up... My biggest low this year was being unable to visit my Brother when he welcomed his first child into the world, Cassian. With everything going on, it is pretty impossible to travel and spend time with a newborn whilst staying perfectly healthy and safe. It also pains me to know how much my brother wants me to meet Cassian and I'm just stuck making silly noises at his baby through Facetime. Though it is only a matter of time until I am physically there being the awesome uncle I plan to be. 

My high this year with Mustard Lane has been cultivating new skill sets. This past Christmas season I spearheaded a Virtual telegram involving several famous Christmas Movie scenes - which included bringing many elements together that I had never tried; editing, set dressing, directing a movie scene, storyboarding and sound design. To be fair, they are all amateur-level attempts, but it was enough to feel accomplished at the end of this year. Showing people the final product and seeing their smiles made everything worthwhile and I'm excited to see where else I can contribute in the future!

As for the promise and hope of a brighter 2021 - hands down I am most excited to get back on the field and to be onsite physically. Who knows when and if that will happen but I firmly believe that humanity is craving human interaction and thus will want live events once again (Whenever it is safe) - that means like the old days I will get to show up onsite and work with all those talented and friendly Laners I have come to know and love. And possibly, should they feel adventurous, maybe...just maybe...get a good handshake from me....or if they show me their test results/vaccination report, a good hug!


I had a few highs of 2020! I got a puppy, I got engaged AND I got married at Meaux Space. Through all the darkness, there was some light! 

My low of 2020 includes not being as creative as I would have liked to be, leaving the east village (but I do love my new BK apt) and my parents not being able to be at my wedding because of the pandemic. 

I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing my family, getting a vaccine and being able to experience NYC to its fullest (theatre, restaurants, parties). I'm ready for ML and Meaux Space to be hopping again! Oh and maybe traveling to another country. A vacation would be really great right in the new year!


My personal high was obviously getting Sazzy. She is the most perfect puppy in all of the land. She has brought a lot of joy into our lives and I'm so grateful for that! My professional high is that I'm extremely proud of our nonprofit Off The Lane. Thank You to everyone that has been involved this year; the Board, Co-Chairs, Mentors, Volunteers, Talent, Donors and Program Participants. Off The Lane is off the charts! 

My personal low was experiencing that immediate halt in the event and entertainment industry. As an entrepreneur with a company that has had exponential growth every year it has been difficult to pause, pivot and wait. A lot of waiting...

I can honestly say that I have never been more excited for a new year. Not that I expect things to be "normal" on January 1st but I'm ready to get 2020 off my shoulders. Can I get an AMEN? Here's to bigger, better and safer times in 2021!


Well 2020 hasn't been the easiest year but I'm thankful for my health and the health of my family and friends and that's all you can really hope for these days! I'll start with the low so we can end a good note here. There are the insignificant lows like a cancelled a trip to Italy (dagger to my heart) and not having any trips to look forward to but I think the real low is being disconnected from my family and friends. This time made me reflect on my mental health and personal connections and I realized more than ever that I need my family and friends close! It's been a tough year staying distant but I'm more thankful than ever for my people.

I have a few highs but one of the best decisions I made in 2020 was to purchase a bike. Being able to explore to city via bike has made the quarantine experience way better. It also made it possible for us to avoid the trains this summer which was great. Biking to different parks and getting fresh air was a real life saver! My major high though was being abut to visit my family in FL. It was obviously stressful to get the family together and we had to take serious precautions but it was so nice to be together for a few days!

I actually have a great feeling about 2021 and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the year plays out. I know it will never go back to "normal" but I've been so impressed with human resilience and creativity throughout 2020 that I'm so excited to see in flourish in 2021. I also think 2020 was a serious year for people to think about their mental health and work life balance and I'm excited for mental health to be more focused on in 2021. Of course, I'm also looking forward to hugging my loved ones and attending a live concert!!