ML’s Summer Highlights

M / L

This summer has been one for the books. We've been a busy bunch on and off the Lane! We had the tech at Zurnet pull some stats for us and here are the results.

Hot off the press, here are some of the Laner's favorite events!


Robyn  enjoyed working with Crony Creative to help as a camp counselor for the Camp Compass. Compass rented camp ground in upstate New York where they brought in their entire team to enjoy a few days at camp. Laners participated as camp counselors teaching tie dye, referring games, running activities and setting up different stations.

Robyn accounted, "It took me back to my childhood at sleep away camp (but with an adult twist). Highlight for me was the campfire with all the marshmallows I could possibly eat. Also, could not have asked for a better group of Laners to work with over those four days."

Victoria's Secret Sport

Another one of Robyn's favorite event was working with Victoria's Secret for the launch of their new Sport line. #TrainlikeanAngel. Laner's in LA and NYC worked at pop ups promoting the new line! Annette said, "Their new workout line is awesome!!! Loved watching everyone smile over their locker prizes and was thrilled to promote a brand that I wear and support."

Showtime Summer Screening

Sean, another NYC Laner, noted that his favorite summer events were the Summer Screenings in McCarren Park! ML worked with Showtime for a few different events this summer including, Shakespeare in the Park, Joe's Pub and of course, Summer Screen! Sean said "Not only does Showtime have the best swag (Folding BEACH CHAIRS for everyone!) but we got to see people get so excited to join Showtime, and they played some of my favorite movies from the past on the BIG screen outdoors. Pair this with Van Leeuwan ice cream post shift and I was a happy BA."

Josh Cellars

Sean's other highlight event from the summer was working with Josh Cellars in Grand Central where Laners worked different aspects of the pop up. Sean accounts "It's not everyday you get to pour wine for strangers in one of the most famous buildings  in NYC. Also, I fell in love with a Cab Sav from Paso Robles. Heaven in a glass!"

Netflix: GLOW

Out in LA two of our Laners mentioned that the GLOW season 2 premiere at muscle beach was their favorite gig. Netflix took over the beach with photo booths, workout classes and give aways! Emily said " It was so fun, and I had never actually been to muscle Beach before! My fav parts were the awesome people I worked with and the glitter makeovers!!"

Govind, another LA Laner highlighted the Honey "brunches" of Oats event that Laners worked this summer. Mustard Lane partnered with The Bait Shoppe to provide the perfect Laners for an LA brunch in honor of Friendship Day! Govind recalls, "I really enjoyed the pop up Honey 'Brunches' of Oats with the curated brunch with a Top Chef Winner. The event was well designed, intimate, fun and I never would have experienced it otherwise. There was a giant cereal box AND a giant cereal bowl where people could get in and take pictures in. It was adorable."