Highlight Event: Heineken 0.0

M / L

We're SO HAPPY to be back on the field that we're here you tell you all about it! Our first gig back from quarantine has been going smoothly with our new Health & Safety procedures in place. We can't wait to book more events. Check out what our team has been up to!

Our first weekend was in Los Angeles at the Rose Bowl Stadium working with Heineken! The Laners were there to promote their zero alcohol beer at the Tribeca Drive -In films! We've been working with the amazing team at Amplified Marketing who organized this awesome event! Between the safety guidelines that Amplified put in place and the new Mustard Lane health & safety protocols, the Laners have been able to safely execute this activation with confidence!

After the success of LA, we started the following week at Orchard Beach and Nickerson Beach in New York. The Laners have enjoyed being able to work outside and by the beach! Our team will be back at all locations this weekend and next weekend! Be sure to check out the Tribeca Dive-In movies and get some free Heineken 0.0 from Laners!