Highlight Event: BET – The Quad Tour

M / L

We had the pleasure of working the BET for their Salon takeovers in NYC, ATL & Miami!

The Client

These awesome activations were put on by Narrative!

The Event

Laners helped the hit series "The Quad" returne for a brand new season. The content agency, Narrative, created the The Quad Pop Up Salon to help launch the second season. This interactive experience transformed beauty salon dryers into a coveted entertainment moment. The Quad took over salons and gave women the chance to view exclusive content from The Quad via hair dryers equipped with AR, receive Quad giveaways, and get in on the latest buzz from Season 2.

Unique Aspect

The salon dryers were innovated by using industrial design and 3D printing to create a viewing hood to work in with the existing drying hood. For the viewing hardware, they used an iphone 8 leveraging the AR Kit. The inside of the hood showed a window into the salon and The Quad content playing within the scanned AR environment. Users chose various length of curated video content based upon their drying time. The sound was conveyed through earbuds with disposable covers.

The Talent

Laners in all 3 markets had the pleasure of helping this experience run smoothly. Our team helped people into headphones, hair dryers as well as explained how it operated. The Laners were also in charge of check in and crowd control for each salon. They engaged people entering the event about The Quad and encourage people to tune in and follow The Quad on Instagram: @TheQuadBET