Highlight Event: FX Trust Multi-Sensory Experience

M / L

The Event

Here on the Lane we staff all different types of events. For this particular event FX network hosted a dinner party at the GreyStone Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA. The dinner party was decked with amazing decor, an extensive bar menu and an Multi- Sensory Exhibit. Guests were treated to a 5 course sit down dinner with various projects constantly changing the surrounding walls. The event was for FX’s show, Trust which is about John Paul Getty III and the kidnapping of his grandson.

The Talent

For this event the Laner was responsible for hosting a semi scripted dinner party. He was was booked to be Remington, the House Manager for the party. Remington chauffeured guests into the party and assisted with navigating them through the experience. He then performed a speech in front of the 75 guests as they enjoyed their meals. He explained the experience of getting to live a day in the life of the 1% with lavish estates, caviar dreams and private plans. He described each course while staying aligned with the premise of the awesome FX show.


The brilliance behind the event production was BMF Media!

Photography by the talented Zack Whitford of BFA.com!