Highlight Event: Bustle Rule Breakers

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This past weekend we had the opportunity to take part in the amazing Rule Breakers event produced by Bustle. The event took over part of Prospect Park with around 3,500 attendees. Janelle Monaé created this space for a "day-long music, food, and lifestyle experience." The event was created to empower woman to "break the rules" and not always do as their told. We were thrilled to be Bustle's exclusive staffing agency for this event. With over 100 Laners working that day we were present at every booth and check-in station across the park!

Several sponsors had booths and interactive experiences for the attendees. Some highlights of the event included the HP Booth. Chelsie, a fairly new NYC Laner said "I worked in the HP booth where writers created haikus for people when asked what gets in their way from achieving their dreams… some said fear, money, themselves, racism, family, insecurities etc. When they shared their haiku or personal story it was like a window into a total strangers mind, even though our interaction was for 60 seconds.  It was beautiful to listen and feel what others keep to themselves. At the end of the night a vendor realized they had not handed out thousands of plastics totes with inspirational quotes.  We all tackled boxes and lined our arms with them and handed them out.  I ran into the middle of the roller skating rink and gave them to skaters passing by.  We all had a good laugh at the absurdity of where I was and thankfully everyone grabbed a bag."

The St.Ives booth where attendees could check out the Mixing Bar to create custom face scrubs, moisturizers and body lotions. The Laners were there to help them mix their products and engage with the people about St. Ive's 100% natural extracts, exfoliants and moisturizers. The attendees could also purchase anything from lip scrub to from bath bombs! The bath bombs were a huge hit at the booth, everyone loved that they were mood enhancing bath bombs! Attendees also loved that St. Ives had a vending machine where you could get the famous Apricot scrub and other popular scents which included Aloe Rose Water and Avocado Honey. Overall a very successful and fun booth for the Laners to work!



Another awesome booth was Sony Picture's - The Girl in the Spider Web activation! Sony set up an immersive, high tech experience for the attendees to experience. Laners guided the people through the experience and assisted with taking photos for them. Sony also had a stationary web for people to strike a pose and temporary tattoos for people to wear! After going through the immersive experiences people were getting covered in spider web tattoos and continuing on to check out the rest of the activation!