Have you heard? Off The Lane News!

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How is January over already?! 2022 is flying by and here on the Lane, we know just how important it is to give time, energy, and support to the community of artists that we love so much! Did you know that the internal team at Mustard Lane started a non-profit to help artists? We DID! It’s called Off The Lane and it’s whole mission is to enrich and engage the creative community through continued education, outreach, and special projects!

Sounds great huh?! But how!?


Off The Lane’s Outreach programs are specifically geared towards giving back to the arts community. Our Mentorship Program pairs vetted professionals in the creative arts with motivated juniors and seniors at the university level as well as young professionals 18+ to help transition them from student to professional. Through the development of this program, colleges and universities across the country have utilized OTL as a strategic partner to acquire more connections and resources for their students and thus our School Partnership Program began!

Special Projects.

Through our special projects, we provide additional support to individuals, schools and other non-profit organizations to fulfill their need of creative and artistic guidance, community and education. The Ann Reinking Scholarship Program, developed in the Winter of 2021, honors the legacy of Annie by providing financial assistance for dedicated young dancers with a goal to thrive in NYC.

Continued Education

Continued Education goes back to the heart of why this organization began. Our President, originally a dancer turned entrepreneur, knows first hand how versatile training, education and networking can play directly into the success of one’s career. Our Speaker Series provides workshops from industry professionals across a variety of mediums to help educate and elevate their understanding. Our BOOST Program was created to help young artists build their skill sets and knowledge to attain their career goals.

Want to jump in?!?

We are currently looking for Mentees/Mentors to be a part of the Spring 2022 Mentorship Session (MP7)! You can apply right here! Have a great idea to add or want to teach a masterclass or workshop?! Yes please! Does your creative career to a BOOST? Learn More! We’d love to hear from you and add your unique input into Off The Lane! Visit our website to find out about all of the ways you can get involved and follow us @OfftheLane to join us in our mission to empower artists!