Grateful List ’13

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Every year at this time Mustard Lane takes time to reflect upon what we're thankful for. We're sure we're not the ONLY ones doing this, right?  But we like to be on top of a national trend!  Here's a short list of the things we are particularly grateful for this year: 1.  ChristinEats, Fresh & Co, Herb 'n Peach, etc.... okay, it's probably because it's the day before Thanksgiving and we can think of nothing but food, but at the top of our #grateful list are our fabulous clients.  Especially the ones who turn out delicious sandwiches, chocolates and entire meals for large groups of people.  Some of us here on the Lane are currently putting together large meals for large groups of people, and we know how difficult it is!  We think the above-menionted are simply fabulous, and if you haven't sampled them, stay tuned to the ML FB page for your next opportunity! 2.  Laners!  If our clients top this list, coming in close behind them is our amazing staff of #Laners.  They are always smiling, always ready for anything, always interested to learn about a new product.  (And this is frequently at 7 in the morning.)  We want them to know that every smile and every hour they put in is appreciated.  Glad this holiday gives us the excuse to tell them that! 3.  Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, this #ML blog all allow us to share with you the craziness that goes on every day on the Lane.  We love that we have an interactive platform to post photos, share statuses, or just plain motivate us to "Rise and Shine" another day.  We're grateful for every comment, every 'like,' every 'share.'  Continue to follow us!  We love and appreciate it. 4.  Time Off!  Lastly, we have to admit we're  grateful for a day off!  Thanksgiving is the one time of year that we can stay home eating turkey, drinking wine, and watching football or the Macy's parade or the National Dog Show!!!!  (PS:  We're obsessed.)  That is, at least we can count on half the day to ourselves.  Black Friday will have us on the streets of course, promoting yet another terrific client (see #1).  Actually, come to think of it, a few of us are working the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade as well this year.  So never mind!  Strike that.  We're just grateful to have a day to be grateful.  Happy holidays, everyone!