Featured on the Lane: Pretty Sad White Girls

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We had the chance to sit down the Pretty Sad White Girls who are long time Laners and friends of ours! The PSWG’s have provided us with endless entertainment with their musical spoofs. This duo began on the Lane and we’re so happy to be apart of it! Jillian Schiralli and Lisa Bettencourt originally met working a flyering gig for Mustard Lane. Together they compose and sing original comedic pieces for their musical comedy act. Check out their Facebook Page and their YouTube to see some great videos! They will be performing this Saturday, August 12th at The Usual Rejects Show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stop by to see Deven Anderson, a Laner native perform with the Usual Rejects and the PSWG act!

What inspired you to start?

The Mustard Lane Post Holiday Party was having a talent show, so we formed an act called the Pretty Sad White Girls! It was our first performance and we won the talent show. It all started as a silly joke, but has turned into something much more! Without Mustard Lane, we would have never met, and pretty Sad White girls would be nothing but a figment of our imagination!

What role has Mustard Lane played in your life?

 We have met some of my best friends (family) through Mustard Lane (cheesy but true). We honestly can’t imagine what our NYC experiences would have been like this far without some of these people in our lives. People love the Lane because we support each other and treat each other like family. #bigfatmustardheart

We’ve met so many inspiring, creative, lovely people working for Mustard Lane, both as co-workers and clients. A lot of our coworkers were musical theater actors, mixed with musicians, artists, and writers. We met while flyering on the street for Cafe Metro. Sounds terrible, right?  It wasn’t so bad. Throughout the years we’ve toyed with a musical collaboration that finally manifested in the form of a 90s cover show at The Duplex Cabaret & Piano Bar. Mustard Lane not only brings people together in a professional sense but also creatively, not to mention long lasting friendships!

Where do you see yourself/ your business in 2 years?

Ideally out touring! Making money off our music and loving what we do. 

What do you love about it?

We love the challenge of creating interesting melodies & harmonies put to hilarious themes.

How does Mustard Lane support your outside endeavors?

Mustard Lane provides us with freelance gigs so we can support ourselves financially while still making time for creative endeavors. Mustard Lane also provides us with a wonderful work environment with lovely co-workers.

Who do you look up to for business advice? (music inspirations etc)

Flight of the Concords, personal friends who are musicians and others

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to start a business?

Follow through with your ideas, never give up, do your research, trust your instincts, make friends.