End of Year Laner Highlights!

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End of Year Laner Highlights

Fresh & Co Promo!

1.  September 24, 2013:

Record-Breaking Day for Mustard Lane!  We had over 90 people working six different events in New York City.  Some of our esteemed clients included Herb N’ Peach, Eventage, YouthH20, Yahoo, MKG, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise (the company turned 100!), and Fresh & Co.  Whew!  Hurray for the Laners who worked so hard that day and that week!

2.  Toasted Almonds

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  Albert Einstein’s words truly applied to this year’s Toasted Almonds events, which were chock full of creative people meeting, mingling and having fun.  If you missed out, keep an eye on our Twitter and FB accounts!  This quarterly event is growing by leaps and bounds, and if you’re a creative professional, you definitely want to get in on it.  In February we will officially be BI-COASTAL when the next Toasted Almonds event will be held in Santa Monica, CA.  Get more details on the website, www.toastedalmonds.net.



3.  “Boo-tiful” Legs Campaign

End of Year later highlights

Who’s got Boo-tiful Legs?

This Duane Reade promotion, which ran over Halloween, utilized the legs– er, talents– of just about every Laner on staff.  For days before Halloween, you probably saw a #Laner handing out Duane Reade coupons with her gams clad in amazing tights.  We love a good costume!  This one was fun.

4.  Lumene Finland/USA

We fell in love with this amazing line of skin care products from Finland, which featured, among other things, a “time-freeze” instant face lift serum that actually does kind of freeze time, these ridiculous Vitamin C drops for your skin, and a Radiance Cocktail, which couples the Vitamin C with their Dry Skin Comfort Radiance product.  Who doesn’t love a cocktail?  Mustard Lane promoted their products in over 101 drugstores throughout the City, making it one of our biggest single promotions EVER.

End of Year Highlights Laner


5.  New Obsession:  Joe Fresh.

To put it simply, we’re obsessed with this simple, fashionable Canadian line that recently set up shop on 42nd and 5th and then paid us to promote them.  We’re still #seeingorange.  Check them out ASAP if you’re a local.  You won’t regret it.