An Interview With Our Operations Director, Deven Anderson

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We had the pleasure of sitting down to interview our favorite male in the office, Deven Anderson. With a completely unfiltered interview, read below to learn more about him!

How long have you been working for the Lane and what has been your favorite ML gig?

Just over 5 years. Started off as a BA, now I get to go onsite and tell BA's it's ok to go to the bathroom. Favorite gig is working NYCC/Harry Potter. Thousands of overwhelmed and anxious cardboard wearing/costumed customers waiting in line an hour to listen to 30 second samples of Harry Potter book on tape. My people. While extremely awkward, they are the most gracious people you will ever meet. Plus a 30 min wait time for the bathroom, total win.

What has your journey with ML been like?

Rewarding. I've had enough crappy jobs - Making sandwiches and pizzas (I'm allergic), Hosting at restaurants (How are you so mean in the 60 seconds i've known you?) and working retail at Hollister (enough said) - to know that when you come across a gem like ML, you hold on tight.

Do you have any creative passion outside the Lane?

I'm an actor/writer/director/producer/fine artist. Check out my comedy show at and follow me at @chalkboardkilla on Instagram

How long have you been in NYC and what is your favorite part about living here?

I've been here in the 'Big Apple' for 13 years. Favorite part about this city is riding the MTA everyday and placing bets in my head when a seat opens on the subway as to who will win the race. It's a legit UFC match that takes place in less than 15 seconds - here's my big score hint to you all - always bet on the small elderly asian lady. That is not an HR inappropriate comment, but a statistical fact reinforced by the laser beam look in their eyes that I wouldn't mess with on my best day.

Did you think you’d stay in NY this long? What made you stay?

Never thought about anywhere else despite my mother's constant offers. I've definitely stayed because of the affordable prices. Definitely the affordability. Honestly it's such a relief to wake up every morning and know my rent is so laughably low. I thoroughly enjoy rubbing it in my midwest friend's faces how much they're eating it for living in such unaffordable, cramped living situations.

What makes you excited/passionate about working at ML?

The people. While I may seem like the douche who cried wolf, let me relish in an honest moment and commend how talented and loyal the people are in this company. These people are your future friends, co-workers and collaborators.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you live?

Anywhere other than my parents basement.

What is your favorite movie and why?

So, what? I gotta be the jerk who says 'Space Camp' because it's about 5 kids who accidentally go into outer space? How do you accidentally go into outer space? Whoops, pressed the wrong button! Come on! This legitimizes the fantasy of like 23 home-schooled children across America, apologies if you were home-schooled and took offense to that but you shouldn't because it's outer space. If you're offended by that selection or have just pre-judged me, fine, how about Chocolat?

If you could be any superhero, which one and why?

There's a hero called Kitty Pryde who can walk through walls. I like that idea because anyone who'd come running to give me a big hug would just eat the floor.

What would your advice be for anyone just moving to NYC with career ambitions in the arts/a creative field?

It is for the actor to be turned down and denied a thousand times in any given year. Make your own work. Network and align yourself with like-minded people and do your own work. Flip the odds on that bucket list play/role and just make it happen. Embrace the confidence that got you to your current place and use it to be the actor you dreamed about being.