Connections on the Lane!

M / L

In honor of Valentine’s Day and all the love in the air, we wanted to reflect on the love that we have for our Mustard Family. Kristal planted the mustard seed 11 years ago and has been building the family ever since. This mustard family has a bond unlike any other. Since we staff events across the country, our ML family is comprised of Laners with a variety of backgrounds that each add their personal flare to the Lane. Throughout the years, life long friendships have been built here. These are just a few accounts of the friendship found on the Lane.

Eliza Maher

I got started with ML through one of my best friends Katie, who holds it down strong in NYC, and since moving to the west coast, I have met the most inspiring and motivating women and men while working on the California lane. Whether it’s creatively, personally, or professionally, the friends I  have met through ML have, over time, become more like family. I am excited to watch LA Laners Isabelle and Michael grow into parents to our first little “mustard seed” (as someone sweetly coined it), thrilled to watch Carson walk down the aisle in the fall, and am always grateful for the laughter and light I get while working beside some of my dearest friends!

Carson Dougherty

I moved to LA not knowing anybody. And now I’d say 80% of my social schedule is filled with outings with Laners. A few have even become close enough to be invited to my upcoming October wedding in England.  I look forward to every day working for ML because I know I get to see my friends. I really don’t know what I’d do without the Lane or the friends I’ve made there. They are the best, and I feel so lucky to have found such cool people in such a big spread out city. And I keep meeting new people I love… that I’ve yet to make plans with but can’t wait to hang out with at work. Here’s to all the past dates and to all the future ones. Thank You ML!!!!! And thank you besties, you know who you are 😉 You make working fun and something to look forward to.

Jason Parks

The family and bond I have created from the Lane was a pleasant surprise. I started with the company not knowing just how big a mustard heart could be.  I have come to realize there’s no mustard heart too big or too small, we’ve become family and there’s nothing but love and support between us all.

Thank you fellow Laners for always bringing a light into my life, you all hold a special place in my heart.

Jillian Schiralli

About 1 year ago, PSWG performed for the first time at the post-holiday party. It all started as a silly joke, but has turned into something much more! Without Mustard Lane, Lisa and I would have never met, and PSWG would be nothing but a figment of our imagination!

I have met some of my best friends (family) through Mustard Lane (cheesy but true). I honestly can’t imagine what my NYC experience would have been like this far without some of these people in my life.  People love the Lane because we support each other and treat each other like family. #bigfatmustardheart

Deven Anderson

After having worked a two-month activation with some great Laners, it’s an understatement to say I had made quite a few friends. You would think after having worked a 14 hour day with the same people all day you would just go home – Not with the Lane. We are constantly hanging out with one another. 

I recently took a quick vacation to Maine to really decompress and there was no hesitation in my mind in asking a couple of the Laners to join me – and they did. When you work the Lane, you walk away with more than just co-workers you come away with best friends.

To all of our Laners, you warm our hearts every day. Thanks for being part of this family!