Chris Schermerhorn is our LOTW!! – OG Edition!

M / L

Meet Chris! Our charismatic and passionate Laner of the Week! Chris spent his early years divided between Los Angeles, CA and a small village in Ohio called Stony Ridge. When he is not on the Lane, Chris spends his free time playing video games, hiking, and exploring the city of Los Angeles! This Laner doesn't sit still for long and is always busy pursuing the craft of acting. In between acting gigs, he works as a client specialist for a tech company! He can truly do it all! We love having this hardworking and energetic Laner on our team!

Why do you LOVE working on the Lane?

I LOVE working for the Lane because my personality, look, and energy are embraced. Sometimes having a lot of energy or looking different than most people can leave you isolated in a professional environment. With Mustard Lane, I truly feel celebrated, loved, and special. That is hard to come by, so with that attitude, I stuck around!

What is your best attribute as a BA?

Based off of my feedback, I’d say my best attitude as a brand ambassador is my energy level and enthusiasm? How did I get that? I’m honestly not sure... it just happened and I was teased a lot in college for it- but I’m glad brands like it!!

Most memorable gig with ML?

My most memorable gig is working for SHOWTIME at Pride. I’d always DREAMED of marching in a pride parade and when the opportunity came around I danced my way all the way to pride and even made my way all the way to NYC again!!

What did you learn from your quarantine experience?

I learned what I like to have to maintain sanity (time with my boyfriend, exercise, mental health time, daily sunshine). I also learned what is important to me now versus what used to be on my priority list a recent as two years ago!

Are you back to work or gigs?

My schedule hasn’t changed too much. I’m luckily still working and still auditioning as normal. However, I do miss the spice that the LANER gigs added to my schedule. I took for granted how much excitement, income, and social interaction I got from my ML gigs.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Hmmm.... since I have my toes in a few puddles I’ve got a few. I started a 401(k) a little while back and my newest movie DIVOS! will be available to stream this July (watch it- it’s a riot).

What are you looking to achieve in your career this year?

This year has a lot of exciting prospects!! So we will see!!! Cross fingers for me!! I’ve had more voice over opportunities come my way and a great deal of good feedback, so we’ll see what comes out of that. But for now, I’ll just put in the work and see what comes my way!

Are you typically a homebody or a social butterfly?

I’m more of a homebody for sure (especially with COVID obviously). But prior to that I was still more of a homebody. That being said I LOVE to explore new restaurants, stores, trails, beaches, mountain tops, bars, etc. but I like to keep that to a few days a week- not everyday.

How would your best friend describe you?

My best friend routinely describes me as “a gorgeous feminine stunning angel baby” and that’s why she’s my best friend.

To learn more about Chris feel free to check out his Instagram @cschermerhorn!