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Spotted on the Lane: Red Rooster!

Red Rooster“Marcus is awesome, not to mention a super fly dresser!”

These are the sorts of responses we got when we asked #Laners about one of Mustard Lane’s favorite clients, Red Rooster Harlem.   Named after the legendary speakeasy, this New York restaurant is located just off 125th Street, in the center of Harlem, and is run by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.  It blends American comfort food with the chef’s Swedish culinary traditions.  It has been a hit ever since it opened, and has hugely influenced Harlem’s current Renaissance.

Whenever Red Rooster is called upon to cater an event, they call Mustard Lane for staff.  After a referral from our friends at Herb N Peach, we began working with them over five years ago.  “When you do as many events as we do, using the crew from Mustard Lane lifts a huge weight of stress off our backs,” says former event coordinator Jeannette Park.  “Without a doubt, this is the most fun, professional, hard-working, efficient, and reliable crew of amazing people and personalities.”  Over the years we’ve gotten to know Jeannette and the rest of the team well, including super-fly dresser Marcus, and the good feelings are reciprocated.  “I always love working with Red Rooster,” says former (boo hoo, we’re not over it yet) Director of Recruitment Zekee Silos.   “Their staff takes care of us, and we take care of them.  Their chefs are hilarious, our client contacts are so friendly and helpful, and we always do gigs in the coolest places with them.”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the working relationship that we have built with the Red Rooster team. You know you are a good fit when you can execute a massive event pretty darn seamlessly. #TEAMWORK!”  exclaims Mustard Lane CEO Kristal Mallookis.

We have a massive event this Saturday, the All Star Code Summer Benefit in the Hamptons.  All Star Code is a non-profit that prepares qualified men of color for full-time employment in the tech industry.  We are thrilled to contribute to their cause, and thrilled to be working once again alongside our favorite people from Red Rooster Harlem.

Spotted on the Lane… Calloway Productions

Calloway ProductionsKelly Klein and Calloway Productions

In 2015 #Laner Kelly Klein of Calloway Productions discovered that she had a unique talent:  she knew exactly how to make her friends look fabulous.  She had been recording auditions for her actor friends so that they could self-submit for projects.  “My business grew organically,” Kelly explains.  “As I continued to put myself and my friends on tape, I received more requests and realized there was a real need for my service.”   And just like that, Calloway Productions was founded!  The secret to her success lies in providing professional-quality audition videos with quick turnaround times at reasonable prices.  “My talent manager, Maggie Maes of MKM Talent, sends her roster to me because she says my product is consistently professional with real results,” says Kelly.

Kelly is no stranger to being in front of the camera, either.   With stints on “Nurse Jackie,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “The Jake Effect,” this working actress understands the audition process.  “I have been an actor my whole life, from growing up in Los Angeles to attending the New School University here in New York,” Kelly says.  “My study of the craft has been, and will continue to be, a lifelong process. Having been in the business for so long, I have an innate instinct for what works and what doesn’t.”  Her clients agree.  They routinely receive callbacks from working with Kelly, and some have even booked roles thanks to her on-camera coaching.  “It’s a wonderful feeling to be helping actors advance their careers while continuing to hone my skills,” Kelly says.

Kelly shoots out of her Upper East Side studio apartment, using a Canon Rebel T3i camera, an Interfit two-point lighting system, and a Rode VideoPro microphone. She has also painted her wall “Frisky Blue” to mimic a casting office!  “Shooting out of my home is wonderful because it allows a relaxed environment for my clients while providing a professional product to send to casting,” Kelly tells us.  She takes time with each client, shooting multiple takes until she gets The One.  “[That is] a luxury not afforded in the traditional casting process!” Kelly points out.  Following a session, she edits the footage and sends the file to the client in the same-day via email.

So in today’s world of camera phones and selfie sticks, why hire someone to record your audition for you?  “I urge actors to put the best possible product they can out there, especially if it’s an important or high-stakes audition opportunity,” Kelly says.  Self-tape submissions are changing the way the casting game is played, allowing casting directors to see actors all over the nation from the comfort of their offices.  This is great news for actors, as it opens up a whole new level of casting opportunities.  “They can literally control the timing, environment, and take they send to casting,”  Kelly explains.  “This is where I come in, with the professional equipment, critical outside eye, and high level of experience. My process allows the actor to truly delve into the material and not have to be preoccupied about the final product or be bogged down by technicalities.  That’s my job!”

“And, I am quite the perfectionist,” she adds.

Since Kelly works in Administrative Support for Mustard Lane, Calloway Productions is offering a special Laner Rate this audition season!  Book a 30-minute session for $40 or 60-minute session for $60.  This amazing price includes the shoot, edit, coaching, and same-day upload.  No other place in the City offers such a great product at such a terrific price.  Don’t leave your next film or TV audition up to chance.  Kelly Klein will make you shine!  Check out her website or her Facebook page for contact information and more details!

Spotted on the Lane… Once Kids at the NYC Toy Fair!

NYC Toy Fair


Mustard Lane was happy to help Once Kids, a Dallas-based toy company, when they came to town for the NYC Toy Fair.  It was a special treat for us. We always love what we do, and we love to work with clients and staff who also love what they do.  Over Valentine’s Day weekend, work was literally play.  Our #Laners loved working the NYC Toy Fair with Once Kids.

Real-life parents Brad, an industrial designer, and Emmy, a marketing entrepreneur, formed this creative toy company in 2013.  Their mission is to offer a range of unique, environmentally-sound, well-designed toys and creative kits for kids.  Their gorgeous Eco Bricks, for example, are made from cherry wood for greener LEGO play.  They were a huge hit at the NYC Toy Fair!  Once Kids was even featured on the Today Show and on Fox and Friends while they were in New York.  We were so proud to be a part of their team.  #Laner Mary Kate Eckmann said, “I had an absolute blast with Emmy and Brad from Once Kids at the Toy Fair. They embodied the complete spirit of their product: youthful, imaginative, playful and fun.”  She added that the days went by very fast, as there was barely a second without a curious potential customer. “We were literally the hit product of the venue,” she said.  “I will absolutely work for them again!”

We very much hope that there will be a need in the future!  We loved working with Once Kids, and we wish them all the best of luck.  Hopefully we’ll see them again the next time they head to New York City!  Find out more about this amazing toy company at by clicking on the link, or get your daily dose of cute by following them on Twitter.  For more adorable photos, find them on Instagram!  We had so much fun working for them at the NYC Toy Fair!

Spotted on the Lane: Maker’s Mark!

Makers MarkWe’ve spent this month on tour with Maker’s Mark, visiting Chicago, New York, Hoboken, Philly, Baltimore and DC with our friends from The Bait Shoppe.  We brought the holiday spirit to each city with the Giving Cozy to Get Cozy campaign, giving out delicious hot chocolate and Maker’s Mark-inspired gingerbread cookies while collecting coats for those in need with our charitable partner, One Warm Coat.  Those who followed us or Maker’s Mark on Twitter were able to find out where the Maker’s Mark mobile truck was every day.  We collected coats, while those of legal drinking age were welcome to pick up a free hot chocolate or cookie.  For folks that did not have a coat on-hand, but wanted to to Give Cozy to #GetCozy, One Warm Coat® was offering a text-to-donate option. (Simply “Text COAT to 80100 to donate $5 to One Warm Coat®.”)  Every dollar raised translated into two warm coats!

Maker’s Mark developed its holiday Give Cozy, Get Cozy initiative as a way to give back to those in need. As seasons change and the months get colder, many of us can enjoy our favorite cocktails, a belly full of delicious food and home full of love. In an effort to promote feeling good by doing good, Maker’s Mark® developed the “Give Cozy, #GetCozy” campaign to promote charitable giving during the holiday season through a mobile truck that doubles as a coat-drive.

One Warm Coat® is a national non-profit organization providing anyone in need with a warm coat, free of charge. They now support over 3,000 coat drives each year.  One other way to participate, if you’re 21 or over, is to donate a coat at one of the branded donation bins at select local wine and liquor stores. One Warm Coat® will share donation locations on its website to help push coat donors to take their coats to partner locations.

We were so excited to #GetCozy with Makers Mark and One Warm Coat this season.  We really felt like we were doing our part to give back!  Hopefully you stopped by a mobile truck this year for hot chocolate, a cookie, and to give a little bit to those in need.  Happy holidays!


The Street Teams of Mustard Lane

Street Team Mustard Lane
A member of our Cafe Metro street team!

Over the last few years, street teams have become incredibly popular in the marketing industry.  Maybe it’s because today,  with all the technology and social media, people have become adept at blocking out traditional advertising.  Maybe we need face to face interaction with living, breathing human beings, in order for a product to make an impression.

For whatever reason, street teams have become a standard line item in marketing budgets, particularly for entertainment companies, the tech industry, and corporate brand marketers.  That’s great news for us at Mustard Lane!  We got our start doing street teams for the NY chain Cafe Metro, and we still show up regularly at locations throughout the City to hand out flyers or yummy samples.  But we have grown.  Today you are likely to run into a #Laner passing you a beer at a Heineken event or passing out flyers on Rodeo Drive, decked out in Juicy Couture!

A street team member from Mustard Lane will be approachable, smart and also more than a little fearless!  Having honed our skills on the mean streets of New York, we don’t take it personally if you don’t take our flyer… but we’re going to try to give it to you anyway!  We love to strike up a conversation about the products we promote.  Ultimately, we aim to create an emotional reaction from the consumer.  We want them to love the new specialty soup.  We want them to get excited about Duane Reade’s newest line of beauty products.  We want them to kick back with a Heineken, or unwind with some retail therapy in the Juicy Couture store in Beverly Hills.

Of course we want to provide our clients with measurable results.  But we also want their potential consumers to love their products as much as we do!  It takes a lot of energy, but we love hitting the streets to create buzz!