Calling All #Laners!

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On Mustard Lane, we see social media not only as a way to let people know what we’re up to, but as a way to have a really good time!  We have to admit to a weakness for hashtags!  (Anyone else?…. Anyone?!)  So we’d like our #Laners to vet the following ideas.  Do you think any will catch on?  Do you have any ideas yourself?  Please feel free to share!

1. #SelfieSunday or #lazySunday

Okay, so the first one’s pretty self-explanatory, and not particularly original, but what do you think?  Do you take #selfies on #Sunday?  If so, do you share?  And while here on Mustard Lane, we frequently work on Sundays, we would love to hear about what our #Laners get up to on their #lazySundays.  They earn them!

2.  #Tuesdaytips or #FreebieFriday

Every Tuesday or Friday, we post a rundown of where we’re giving away free stuff each day of the week!  Our followers can plan on swinging by John Jay for free kettle corn one day, and by JP Morgan for Naked Juice the next!  Who doesn’t love a #freebie?!

 #Laners in front of the Jingle Ball swag bags!

A gorgeous #Laner in front of the Jingle Ball swag bags!

3.  #SaturdaySwag

Every now and then we get to work a really, REALLY cool event on Mustard Lane, such as NYC’s Jingle Ball (pictured) or the Actors’ Pro Expo from a few weekends ago.  If you’ve never been to one of these events, we’ll spill a few beans here… the swag bags can be AMAZING!  Look for our #SaturdaySwag hashtag for a very special peek into them.

4.  #Lanerlife

Sort of like #selfieSunday, but not necessarily a selfie and not necessarily on Sunday.  (So… totally different.)  This hashtag is for capturing all the #moments than can happen on Mustard Lane.  Find yourself dressed up like a witch for Halloween?  #Lanerlife  Find yourself serving cocktails to George Clooney?  #Lanerlife  (Hey, we can all dream!)