Brand Ambassadors on Mustard Lane

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As a brand ambassador for Smart Food!

On Mustard Lane we have four different ways of repping a product.  We hit the streets in fierce street teams.  We put on crazy costumes or classy ties for promotional modeling gigs.  We cater, coat check and check-in VIPs as event staff.  But we are particularly proud of our brand ambassadors.

You may be wondering what we look for when hiring brand ambassadors.  The first quality we look for is intelligence.  We want someone who can quickly grasp not only the essence of a product, but what makes it special.  The next quality is, frankly, courage.  Shy people need not apply!  We want our brand ambassadors to be able to go up to perfect strangers and chat up a product.  We want them to answer intelligently when approached about a product.

The third quality is harder to define.  We want our brand ambassadors to have a Laner Likeability.   All of our clients, as well as our Laners, agree that everyone on our staff is fun and easy to work with.  We need people who understand their jobs and do them well.  Mustard Lane’s brand ambassadors are happy to be at work and eager to help.  We don’t tolerate bad attitudes or laziness.  Our brand ambassadors work as a team!  Check out this amazing video posted on our Facebook page to get an idea of what it’s like to have fun working together as a team.

We’re so proud of our brand ambassadors!  We want to thank them for all their hard work and we hope you get to spend some time with them in the future!