Beth Koepp is our Laner of the Week!

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Originally from a collection of small towns in west Texas, Beth moved to New York 4 years ago and has been working on the Lane for one month. So far her favorite gig was working with NYFTA and Twitter for their #whatshappening campaign. The Laners were handing out root beer floats and prizes with Twitter clients. Outside the Lane Beth is an actor, dancer and singer. She also works at a gym and as a face-painting princess at children’s parties! Her hobbies include exploring NYC neighborhoods and hunting down trendy foods, drawing and painting with watercolors, graphic designing, vintage hairstyling, and coming up with puns that make her friends groan (in appreciation, OBVIOUSLY). She also LOVES cats, mid-century modern decor and epic Texan sunsets!

What do you love about the Lane?

From the moment I started, everyone I’ve met has been incredibly welcoming and so dang nice. I love working with such a diverse group of genuinely kind and interesting people!

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Pride and Prejudice. Wait, is that taken?

What is your go-to coffee order?

Unsweetened iced coffee with half and half

What is the last book you read or movie your watched?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

What’s the most useless talent you have?

No talent is useless in the right context! ...but probably wiggling my nose.

Describe the best museum/gig/play/game you’ve ever been to.

I have never openly sobbed in public as much as I did during the musical The Color Purple. Cynthia Erivo is a SUPERHUMAN.

What’s your morning ritual like?

I’ve been trying really hard to meditate every morning with the app HeadSpace; there is a noticeable difference in my brain organization on days that I start with a clear mind, and though I still rush out the door sometimes without doing it I highly recommend it! It’s a process.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

So far, moving to New York by myself.

Chocolate or fruity candy?


Last great vacation you took?

Last year I went to Palm Springs (Mad Men style and mountains, what’s NOT to love?) and LA to see the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform the score to La La Land in concert at the Hollywood Bowl!

Favorite rainy day activity?


If you could be an Olympic athlete, in what sport would you compete?

Curling! They have the coolest pants.

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Give myself a great big hug and paint something. It helps!