August Updates from ML, MEAUX and OTL!

M / L

Happy Thursday!!! We've been having a blast on the field with our live events in Los Angeles, NY and Chicago! The live activations have been operating smoothly with our new Health + Safety Policies in place and we're looking forward to whats up next on the calendar! If you're interested in booking staff for your event or you'd just like to learn about our new policies, reach out to!

Now that New York is starting to feel semi-normal, we're popping in and out of the office periodically. It feels nice to get back into a groove and to enjoy the beautiful office! 

Speaking of which, our office/event space, MEAUX is also back in action on a small level. We've instated new rules to ensure safe gatherings. With a limited capacity and mask requirement, MEAUX has been able to host intimate birthday dinners and we have 2 wedding dates on the books!

Things look different nowadays but we're adapting and making the best of what we've got! If you're looking to book an intimate event or photoshoot at MEAUX, reach out to our team at!

If you follow along on our Instagram @mustardlane, you might have seen some posts about Off The Lane. OTL is a non profit that we launched last year. We recently hosted our first annual Virtual Fundraiser: Empower Artists!! It was a new and exciting experience for our team and we're so happy with how it went!! We couldn't have done it without the support of our tremendous team! A big thank you to our Host Betsy Spina, Dj Empanadamn for the tunes, David Rey for the video editing, Gerome Samonte for the smooth production and to all of the insanely talented guests that participated!! And of course, thank you to those who watched and donated, OTL wouldn't be possible without your support!! We're so lucky to have an OTL community that's as amazing as our Mustard Lane one!!