We love Arts Brookfield!

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We are thrilled to announce that as of July 2016 we started a partnership with Arts Brookfield as their in-house staffing agency in NYC, LA and Denver.  Arts Brookfield presents exciting, world-class cultural experiences to hundreds of thousands of people for free! From concerts, theater and dance to film screenings and art exhibitions, Arts Brookfield brings public spaces to life through art.

Fun fact: When CEO Kristal Mallookis asked the Arts Brookfield team how they heard about Mustard Lane she was told that they had heard Mustard Lane brand ambassadors were happy! We’re blushing!

Early Days

Our very first Arts Brookfield event was Swing! This was a giant, collective musical instrument that brought together people of all ages. Each swing represented one of four instruments – piano, harp, guitar and vibraphone. The participants swung back and forth to trigger the sounds and create a musical masterpiece. ML fell in love with Arts Brookfield from the very start! We continued on working Bastille Day, where Laners promoted the upcoming events happening at Arts Brookfield along with celebrating France’s Independence Day. We also loved the Canstruction event. Arts Brookfield put on a design competition that challenged 25 architects, engineers and contractors to build sculptures made entirely out of unopened cans. Not only was it a cool challenge to watch but the money went to Canstruction, a unique food charity. Laners had a blast working the booths at this event.

 Holiday Season!

As the Holidays approach, the Laners have been busy elves (literally) working to promote all the exciting events happening at Arts Brookfield. Mustard Lane has been spreading holiday cheer (and flyers) all over the city to invite people to see several fun events at Arts Brookfield. Here are some of the awesome events we’ve been promoting!

Santa Street Teams

Our little elves took on the streets of New York to tell everyone that Santa was going to be at Arts Brookfield! How cute ar.e they! They passed out postcards of the upcoming events taking place for the holidays


This free, one-hour version of the beloved holiday ballet is set to Tchaikovsky’s famous score, with innovative choreography by long-time New York Theatre Ballet  choreographer, Keith Michael.


Our brand ambassadors are creating buzz and running the interactive wishing stations at Luminaries which takes place until February 29th. It’s a spectacular light installation designed by David Rockwell and the LAB at Rockwell Group.  We are absolutely loving being a part of this breathtaking installation.

Quiet Clubbing

Another awesome Art’s Brookfield gig was the quiet clubbing event that took place this December. Our Laner’s managed crowd control and along with promotingtheir holiday events. Upon arrival, visitors received a special pair of headphones tuned to their choice of 3 DJs. They rocked out with like-minded strangers, friends and danced to their favorite jams! Hundreds of people attended the event but it was no sweat for our experienced Laners!

New Sounds

Last but not least, our Laners loved working the New Sounds event. It’s a popular concert series that provides a wide range of music. This year Art’s Brookfield hired Pete M. Wyer, a composer to do a composition for the installation. Our Laners again, managed crowd control, used their brand ambassador skills to promote Art’s Brookfield!