Armando Cedillo is our LOTW!!

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Meet Armando!! This wonderful Laner is dear to our hearts! Not only does he do a great job working events, he also spent time interning in the office. This hardworking Laner knows the inside scoop! Armando is a recent graduate from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) with a degree in visual presentation and exhibition design. What exactly is that?! He will be designing window installations, store layouts, events, building furniture, 3-D animation, illustrations, photography and so much more! Outside of school, he has 5 years of experience in event management. Armando is a natural leader and that inner drive lead him into event production. Aren't we lucky?!

His dream is to be in a position where his job doesn’t feel like work but a hobby and passion. Armando is high energy and LOVES being in the field and working hands on with clients. He loves to live life outside of his comfort zone and trying new things is a must for his happiness! Off the Lane, he enjoys cooking, buying stocks, and since the pandemic started...playing video games! He is SO excited and ready to put everything he learned in school, into action! And we can't wait to see what he will do next!

What have you been up to during the quarantine?

During quarantine, I’ve been sharpening my skills as a designer and learning new skills in order to become an event producer. Also investing in the stock market and cooking a lot more.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza, only because there are so many types of pizza.

What are you professional goals for 2021?

Some professional goals that I have for 2021 are to start being part of event productions. Start gathering as much experience and start getting connections with different people in the industry. 

Favorite trip you've ever taken?

My favorite trip that I’ve ever taken was going to Chicago. I've never been inside an airplane that I remember so it was nice seeing the city from above. Those four days in Chicago were probably some of the best days I have ever had in my 20s. I experienced Chicago deep dish pizza and I went to Portillo’s... it was totally worth it! I plan to travel more after the pandemic. 

What Netflix show can you not live without?

The office! I love the comedy and the sarcasm to the show has.

Walk us through your morning routine!

Since I have been intermittent fasting I don’t eat until the afternoon. I do a workout early in the morning for an hour or two. After the workout, I drink a protein shake. Then I wait until 1pm to cook something good for myself. 

Social Butterfly or Happy Homebody?

I’m 100% a social butterfly. I love interacting with people, meeting new people, and talking. 

What is your earliest childhood memory?

The earliest memory of my childhood that I have is being in kindergarten and trying to act naturally by reading a dictionary. Not knowing that I was upside down. 

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the winnings?

I would definitely invest in a couple of stocks for the future. Put some of the money in my Roth IRA, set some money to the side for my sister's college tuition and pay my closest friends' college debt. Finally, put a down payment on a black on black Tesla Model X and a down payment on a single apartment in Williamsburg. By the way I’m not quitting my job if I win the lottery!

What was your favorite part about interning with Mustard Lane?

Every day I had to do something new and I personally love that. The fact that I could be doing what I was taught in school and then do something outside of the office was extremely fun. Also communicating with the Laners and going to the events with them is also a big perk. It was also very entertaining bothering Deven in the office. 

To learn more about Armando feel free to check out his Instagram @original.armando!