Argyle Neal is the Laner of the Week!

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Argyle Neal:  Our Fierce, Funny Fun Time

Tampa-based Argyle Neal is this week’s #Laner of the Week!  Argyle’s enthusiasm and dedication to excellence have earned him this distinction.  He is one of our most colorful event staffers.  Just check out the photo of him entertaining the crowd!  He is known as “Blayshin” within the Tampa dance/magic community, and is one of our only magicians on staff.  (Here on Mustard Lane, we have a little bit of everything!)  He also dances, teaches dance, walks on stilts, and has performed in music videos.

Unfortunately for us, Argyle Neal is currently touring with the Harlem Globetrotters.  Check out the link to find him in a city near you!  Or for more crazy shots of his life on the road, follow him on Instagram at @blayshinmagic.  Even though he is on tour, which means we can’t use him for our Florida-based events, we are incredibly proud of him.  “Making a living off of my passions is a dream come true, and I’m grateful to the opportunities that I’m able to obtain,” he says.  He adds that he will be opening in Tampa, his hometown, on March 3rd.  Congratulations, Argyle!  We’re happy to see your dreams coming true.

When Argyle Neal works for us as a brand ambassador, he doesn’t get as many opportunities to do headstands, but he likes the work just the same.  “Being a #Laner has given me opportunities to create new relationships and experiences with people,” he says. We love that he brings tons of passion to whatever project he works on.  We consider him a valuable member of our staff down south.  Thanks for everything, Blayshin!  We’re thrilled for you, and we will be here when you get back.