April Gig Spotlight!

Matthew Borchers

YellowJackets Subway Takeover!

This month, we had a super fun gig: a 90's themed, immersive takeover of the S Train in NYC!

 So...what exactly was the gig?

Showtime wanted to create some buzz for the drop of Season 2 of their show, Yellowjackets! They "wrapped" one of the S Trains both inside and out with Yellowjackets' scenery, which really created the mood. Then, we provided some fantastic Laners to bring this to life...decked out in 90's clothes, walkmans and newspapers, our Laners rode the S Train back and forth, as if they were in 1996, when the show takes place! By having conversations - just slightly above normal volume - about the contents of the show and other related 90's culture, nearby commuters were able to learn a bit about the show.

Ok, that sounds like all that and a bag of chips. Did your staff have to memorize lines?

They sure did! Showtime provided several mini conversations as examples. Our Laners learned these and implemented them while on the train. But of course, they also used their knowledge of the 90s and the provided information on Yellowjackets to riff their own lines as well! We made sure to staff Laners with acting and improvisation experience so that they would be able to deliver this kind of scenario. We love when we get to feature our staff's creative talents and skills!

How 'bout those clothes?! 

Right?! Everyone looked fly! For this event, our internal team actually picked these outfits and purchased them, based on Showtime's asks. The Laners brought some of their own personal items to fill in the gaps, and then we provided accessories ('cuz we all love a good butterfly clip!) and walkmans!

Those walkmans look pretty amazing...where'd you get them?!

Can you believe that our very own internal team member, Deven, painted these by hand?! He took culturally relevant, popular 90's brands and themes and created some pretty rad, custom walkmans! If you need anything like this, you have to check him out @chalkboardkilla !!

Were there any mishaps? Did everything go smoothly?

Funny you ask...this was originally scheduled for one day...and then, in true NYC fashion, the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority - AKA: the Subway) was doing track maintenance on the very track our S Train would be running along! There our Laners were...all dressed up and no more gig! Thankfully, everything was able to be rescheduled for later that week and everyone got to enjoy the fruits of their labor. :)