The Laner of the Week is… Pamela Miller!

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[caption id="attachment_516" align="alignleft" width="314"]Pamela Miller The sexy and awesome Ms. Miller.[/caption] Pamela Miller hails from the spacious land of North Dakota.  Involved in sports, music, theater, and anything art, she went on to pursue a Fine Arts degree at Jamestown College, ND.  Before venturing out into New York, she detoured to Vail, CO, where she tried her hand at awesome snowboard tricks and worked on the live television show "Good Morning Vail."
Here in NYC Pamela now works as a commercial print model, travels to professional car races to talk about cars, designs and constructs handbags,  and still finds time to work with the cool and cheerful folks at the Lane.  Check her out at We are so proud of Pamela Miller!