Lisa Bettencourt is our Laner of the Week Throwback!

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Where Are They Now? #LOTW Lisa Bettencourt

Three years ago Lisa Bettencourt became one of our first #LOTWs.  In that amount of time, she has grown immensely as an artist and as a #Laner.  She has delved into the world of improv comedy, taking classes at Upright Citizen's Brigade.  She currently performs with fellow #Laner Zekee Silos as part of the group DAYUM!  She also collaborates with #Laner Jillian Schiralli as one half of the duo Pretty Sad White Girls.  They are known for adapting R&B songs such as Pony and The Thong Song into "harmonious jingles for your listening pleasure."  Check out Mustard Lane's Facebook page to watch them perform Pony at the Mustard Lane Holiday Party!  You can also find Lisa and Jillian performing with #Laners Kiirstin Marilyn and Mary Kate Eckmann throughout New York City.  Clearly, her association with Mustard Lane has built both personal and creative relationships.   Check out her website for more information on upcoming shows and projects.  Also, follow Lisa Bettencourt Photography on Instagram to see her work as a headshot and lifestyle photographer. Lisa was chosen to be Laner of the Week in March 2013.  Her original post can be read below: Lisa Bettencourt comes from Binghamton, New York, known as the Carousel Capital of the world.  Yes, the world!  A recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she moved to New York in September to pursue the arts. She performed in an off-broadway production called "8 Million Protagonists" (  She also danced in a choreography showcase at Dixon Place.  She is a certified yoga instructor who teaches three very stressed out men in a cozy midtown office.  Lisa Bettencourt enjoys those awkward little mustard packets that you can pick out of fast food bins. Why?  Because they're free!  The best things in life are free.  She especially enjoys them on hamburgers.  Lisa Bettencourt is so grateful and fortunate to be a part of the beautiful family that is Mustard Lane.