Laner of the Week is… Caitlin Mesiano!

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Caitlin MesianoThis week's #Laner of the Week is Caitlin Mesiano.  What a great name for an aspiring actress here in New York!  She graduated from Pace University's elite program with a  BFA in Musical Theatre.  Since then she's performed regionally across the country.  This gorgeous redhead is new to the Lane, but in her words, is "loving the neighborhood.  A friend recommended me to Mustard Lane and I couldn't be happier. It is so wonderful to work alongside people who share the same interests and understand where I am coming from." You won't see much of Caitlin Mesiano on the Lane this holiday season because after recently signing with a talent agency, she's headed out to Indiana for a production of Christmas Story.  We'll miss her on Mustard Lane!  Can't wait to have her back.  Best of luck, Caitlin Mesiano!