And the Laner of the Week is… Abigail Classey!

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Abigail ClasseyStraight from the United Kingdom, this week's classy Laner of the Week is the always-classy Abigail Classey.  (See what we did there?  Abi hates us for it.) Just kidding!  Abigail Classey loves Mustard Lane almost as much as we love her.  Of her fellow Laners, she says, "Great team of like-minded artistic professionals."  She loves the flexible hours Mustard Lane allows, plus the fun and interesting activations.  "The jobs are always different," she says. This stunning blonde has been on our side of the pond for six years.  She came to New York to train as an actress and has just signed with an agent.  Congratulations, Abi!  "I love this city and the energy it evokes," she gushes.  "The people, the opportunities, the community of artists.  I'm blessed!" Keep an eye out for Abigail Classey on film, TV and working happily on Mustard Lane!