All-American Laners

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[caption id="attachment_1408" align="alignleft" width="436"]national event staff, Brand Ambassadors, Oovoo, #Lanerlife, #allamericanlaner Texas #Laners hit the streets two-by-two with style![/caption] This is the time of year when we feel very patriotic.  We want hot dogs, we want apple pie, we want fireworks and sparklers.  But Mustard Lane doesn't get a summer vacation!  In fact, our event staff are busier than ever, not only on the East Coast, but in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Chicago and tons of other cities across America. Just to name a few of the exciting events we've staffed in cities across this great nation of ours: In Austin we rode tandems through town while promoting the Oovootique, a two-week pop-up shop for Oovoo (pictured).   #beinteresting We toured the nation with some lovely new #Lanerladies, hitting up Dallas, NYC and LA!  Says one #Laner, "It is like being out with all your friends every time you work. Everyone is always doing interesting things, and it is so inspiring to be around all these talented people." It works out well when you only hire the best! We costumed 300 butlers in cities across the nation to hand out picnic baskets sponsored by Celebrity Cruises.  Each basket contained sandwiches, wine and other goodies-- and two baskets held a free Celebrity Cruise!  We're proud to say this major activation went off without a hitch. We're pleased to be expanding, but we need more Laners!  If you're fabulous and live in a major City, check out our website to apply!  As Laner of the Week Steven Smith put it, "A Laner may be tired, but she is always fearless! Her spirit may be bent, but it is never broken! She stands up straight, she shakes your hand, and she never misses a beat"  If you think that could be you-- and we need men AND women, thank you, Steven-- we'd love to see you at our next casting!  Follow us on social media to find out when we're casting national event staff in your city!  #lanerlife #allamericanlaner