Alexx Stachowiak is our Laner of the Week!

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Meet Alexx! Our unique and positive Laner of the Week! Alexx (with two x's) is a dancer and performer based in NYC. Some of his favorite credits include Disney's Aladdin, Cirque Du Soliel, and a High School Musical music video! Outside of performing he has a real passion for spreading love and positivity to the people around him. His light truly radiates from within and has lead him to become a popular life coach! He even created his own series called Find Your X! You can find his show on the Rizzle.TV! His recent success has been evident in the growth of his life coaching business and Alexx couldn't be more grateful and inspired. Make sure you check out all his recent moves by following @findyourx!

If you were a pie...what flavor would you be?

Wild Berry.

What is your favorite 90's jam?

- No Diggity!

What is your dream vacation?

A private island 🏝

How would your best friend describe you?

Big Heart, loyal, full of joy, funny and fun!

What would we find in your fridge right now?

A bunch of wellness shot.

What is your go to Karaoke song?

All the small things.

Who was your childhood crush?

Brittany Spears!

What would be your superpower and why?

Earth. The earth is powerful people.

What is your cheat day meal?


What is your wallpaper on your phone right now?

An arrow shooting upwards. It signifies hitting the bullseye 🎯 for the arrow flies straight a true. I plan to run my course in a sense of truth and once I’ve hit one bullseye it on the the next. I plan that 2021 will produce more bullseyes for us all!

What is your greatest attribute as a BA?

My ability to talk to anyone! :) I could talk to a brick wall.

To learn more about Alexx feel free to check out his Instagram @