Aaron Ingersoll is our Laner of the Week!

M / L
Aaron is a NYC based Laner who has been with the ML family for about six months. So far there is a tie for his favorite gig. It's a toss up between TCS NYC Marathon or Food Network Star with Bobby Flay! When asked about work at ML Aaron said " I love working with other outgoing, energetic, fun artist types. We all connect really well right off the bat." Outside the Lane Aaron is a professional opera singer working in the chorus at the Metropolitan Opera. He also sings in and around the city at various events. When he's not singing, he's traveling as much as possible, playing tennis or volleyball and most likely taking photos of food! At 6’6, Aaron is constantly asked if he plays basketball. To clarify he'd like you to know that the answer is a very big, no.

Blue vs Yellow?


What is your spirit animal and why?

Giraffe. See above...

Best pick up line you've heard?

Oh lord....do people even pick one another up anymore? Is that a thing still?

Favorite restaurant/ best item on the menu?

Mission Chinese: Kung Pao Pastrami!

Favorite movie/ why?

Too many to count. Forrest Gump was the first to come to my brain. Tom Hanks, Sally Field and the music.

Favorite 90s jam

Anything Bryan Adams or Ace of Base

Something that made you smile recently

My colleague cracking me up at an ML gig the other day. Couldn’t keep it together I was laughing so hard. Had to be there.

Your best halloween costume?

Bob Dole when I was 12

Morning or night person?


What would you do with 15 minutes of fame?

Speak up for something I feel strongly about.

What is the most bizarre job you've done?

Handing out flyers promoting one pharmacy because another pharmacy nearby closed. Very bizarre!

Most embarrassing moment

Peeing my pants in right field of a baseball game as a kid. I didn’t think I could leave the field.

What time period would you visit in history?


What's the longest word you know? (NO GOOGLING)


Who do you look up to the most and why?

Anyone at the very top of their field. Professional athlete, musician, etc. Inspired by their resilience and determination.