Other Virtual Services

To adapt and continue to provide services during these times, we are now offering Virtual Services. From Virtual Brand Ambassadors, Product Specialists to our Social Ambassador package we will have exactly what you need to bridge the digital gap of this brave new world. And with our database of thousands of extremely passionate and talented ambassadors, we’re sure we’ve got just what you looking for.

Social Ambassador

With our vast network of young exuberant individuals who are already online all day liking every story involving the recovery of Tom Hanks and ‘Keto diets,’ we can help boost your social presence. By attentively boosting likes, creating non-robotic like comments and sharing posts, our Social Ambassadors are sure to help bring the attention your brand deserves on all Social Media platforms!

Virtual Brand Ambassador

Being able to have the charisma, zeal and professionalism that can transcend a screen will be the new standard for Virtual Events. Our Virtual BA’s will be able to meet all of your basic needs in the Virtual Events World and shine in the process. Whether you need a friendly face to welcome and greet patrons of your online event, or a Virtual Host with a bottomless supply of ‘hype-like’ energy who can inspire and embody your brand, our Virtual BA’s will have exactly what you need. A Virtual Brand Ambassador’s duties and directives can also be molded and adapted to make your brand/event seamless and successful.

Product Specialist

Have a product that involves a specific vision? Maybe your product or brand involves just a few more steps than ‘Enjoy’? The fastidious and charismatic staff we have on hand can help relay everything step by step. Using social media platforms or video presentations, our type A Specialists can take over your social media for a day or just create entertaining and/or informative content specializing in step by step demonstrations per your specifications.

Coaching Sessions

With the prevalence of applications like Zoom, Skype, Google Handouts and many more, presentation on video is becoming an underestimated cornerstone during these shifting times. With an immense database composed primarily of trained actors, dancers, musicians and more who have spent countless hours already on camera – we are ready to help prepare you. Our talented staff can help share with you all the tips and tricks of the trade on how to present yourself on camera which will give you just the edge you need to stand above the rest!

Content Package

Learn to finally cook that stuffed crust cast iron pizza recipe you saw online, be coached into receiving that toned quarantine body you deserve, or simply cast aside all stress through a guided meditation. Our comprehensive package of video tutorials will be just the resource to enhance and enrich your staff during these times. Utilizing our vast database of passionate young actors, musicians, teachers and all around professionals we have accumulated enough video tutorials to constitute a compendium of useful and cultivating information.